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oach Taylor knows your body. 

He has 20 years of experience as a fitness coach, a master’s level education in human movement, and enough courage to tell you the absolute truth.

If you want real guidance about the best way to eat, the best way to move, and the best way to develop the right mindset, Coach Taylor is your man.

His unique approach makes hard things easy. He applies all the real science and theory out there to your individual needs so that you don’t have to think about it. Then he helps you set realistic goals and actually achieve them. No supplements, no bullshit, just authenticity that will help you lead your best life.


Everyone can live a healthy life!

If you want to see how good you can look, how well you can move, and how good you can feel, you need Coach Taylor in your life.

Message him NOW! He’s nice (kind of) ;)

Coach taylor 


other ways to

work with me

But I do offer one on one live personal training. 
Need help with a specific exercise or piece of fitness equipment? 
Don’t like working out alone? 
Need some motivation? 
Just want the best workout of your life? 

I do not offer these sessions often and availability is VERY limited. If you are interested, fill out the registration form below and Coach Taylor will personally get back to you within 24-hours. 

Sessions are approx 45 min in length and start at $75/session. 

am not cheap...
And I'm not easy


And the question that never seems to be answered is how to you organize it all? How many days a week do you need to exercise? What is the best diet for you? Should you journal or meditate? If your time is limited, what should you focus on? 

It is hard to best know how to create the right strategy for YOU, so why not work on it together?  

here are a ton of online fitness programs and a million diet books out there and deciding what is best for you can be confusing!


what my 

Clients say

I wish I'd listened to him sooner

And not just plodded on. This man changes lives and is a truly inspiring and unique individual
- Karen

my brain was struggling

due to years of trying every diet out there. The anti-diet is blowing my mind! Reading this stuff feels like i am learning a new language
- COrinne

Coach taylor

Is the most relatable coach in the world

- mary

The kettlebell academy

Is the best fitness program, hands down! Coach taylor doesn't hold back. not only are the workouts and sequences amazing, he also allows us to video our form, and gives us direct feedback so we can improve. 
- Robyn



Have questions about my programs or services? Drop me a message and ask. 

Send me a message. I promise, I am really friendly!!

Thank you!

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