Health and fitness is more than a gym. It's a lifestyle and an experience. 

It still remains the holy grail of the fitness world and the first advice spewed from the lips of every dietician out there: count your calories to lose weight. There is so much wrong here I am at a loss where to begin. Let’s start with a bold statement: I believe counting your calories is […]

Why Counting Calories is Worthless

October 17, 2019

The single best piece of advice I could give anyone to improve their diet right now.

The One Thing You Need To Do For a Healthy Diet

October 9, 2019

This week something a little quick and a little practical. I get so sick and tired of hearing excuses. And trust me, after almost 20 years as a fitness coach I have heard EVERY SINGLE EXCUSE you could ever think of and then some. I am going to tell you the truth though. There are […]

The Only Four Exercises You Ever Need to Do

September 23, 2019

One of the most common questions I receive is, ‘how do I know what I should be doing?’ There are thousands of fitness ‘experts’ out there, thousands of programs, fitness products, opinions, and methodologies. All have fervent supporters and ‘success stories’ filling Instagram and infomercials with the promise that you can achieve the same results. […]

How To Cut Through the Crap

September 14, 2019

Does Eating More Frequently Speed Up Your Metabolism? Eat small meals frequently throughout the day to make sure you keep your metabolism moving as quickly as possible. Make sure you NEVER go longer than three hours without eating. Eat negative calorie foods to help lose weight. You have heard this advice before. Every weight loss […]

Do NOT Eat Every Three Hours!

September 7, 2019

Something I have seen time and time again throughout my training career is the idea that a specific exercise, training tool, shoe, article of clothing, or type of food is in any way related to fitness success or sports performance. Recently, one of the awesome members at my brick and mortar fitness studio returned from […]

The Secret Exercise to Drop Fat and Boost Performance

August 28, 2019

So the world of health and fitness is all in a tizzy recently with Weight Watchers launching a new app designed for kids with the intent of using their famous points system to teach them supposedly good food options from poor food options. As I no longer read the daily news and follow very few […]

The New Weight Watchers App for Kids

August 21, 2019

It used to be a typical weekend activity for me for a large portion of my life, the foraging trip to Costco. Everything you need under one large roof and in such mass quantities that the cost of good purchased is perceptively lower than obtaining products elsewhere. We would roll into an oversized parking space […]

How Costco Represents Everything Wrong With Western Culture

April 18, 2019

WARNING: This is long. This is important. You MUST read it. It will be vital to your life. So get a nice cup of tea, kick back, and dive in!!!  I love fasting. You should love fasting. You should be fasting. Every human should be fasting. Blog complete. Lol, right. I mean that truly is […]

Why I Love Fasting (And Why You Should Too)

March 20, 2019

  This is a longer article. It’s going to take a good ten minutes of focused attention. Come on – you can do it!!!! Because this is a vital message. Everything you need to know about health and fitness happened before 1920. Everything since then is stupid. I have spent the last few years learning. […]

Everything You Need for Optimum Health Is Older Than Your Grandma

February 7, 2019