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  Recently the New York Times published and article with this purposely controversy raising title – Why Women Can’t Do Pullups (read the full article HERE).   Lazy people everywhere rejoiced at yet another excuse to be lazy and fit people everywhere locked and loaded their weapons to go on a rampage at the injustice of […]

Women Can't Do Pullups

November 7, 2012

I fully believe that lunges are amongst the top exercises of all time – and Ifully believe that they are one of the most poorly coached and poorly executed exercises. The primary focus of the lunge is your glutes. Yes, butt for all you non-anatomically inclined out there. Properly executed lunges target the glutes and […]

Proper Lunge Technique

April 18, 2012

Within the first 10 minutes of launching Strength Coach Taylor I already had a request for a blog. I love blog requests (yes I am hinting that if you want me to talk about a subject just ask!) and this one was perfect for the first blog of my new site. The question was posed […]

Drink beer, eat chocolate, have a washboard stomach!

March 27, 2012