Summer Cook Off – Week 2

Welcome to the Summer Cook Off Week 2!!!!

This weeks challenge is down below!!!!!

Challenge Overview

A nutrition challenge – competition style!!!!!!!!

Each week I will issue a cooking challenge and everyone who is game can take part!

What is the purpose of this challenge?

  1. To understand that eating healthy can also be interesting and delicious
  2. To change our association with food – that it can be celebrated versus causing us non-stop stress
  3. To learn about what is actually healthy food and WHY the health and fitness industry has it all wrong!
  4. To have some fun together!!!!!!!

Oh yeah…..and there is going to be prizes!!!!!!!!!

Each week I will declare a winner – and that person will get a $20!

At the end of 8 weeks, I will post the 8 weekly dish winners, and we will vote on an overall winner – who will win $200 AND two cookbooks from Coach Taylor’s favourites list!!!

(***NOTE: I am letting ANYONE participate in this contest….HOWEVER….only those who registered and paid for the contest are eligible to win the prizes!!!!!)

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How it Works

I issue the challenge

You have the rest of the week to create a dish that meets the challenge criteria

End of the week you post your dish and the details of how to make it plus a list of ingredients for the dish

I choose the winner for the week!

We will also discuss all things nutrition and diet all summer. Why I have made the criteria for the week, how it pertains to health, and how you can adapt what we are learning to make positive nutrition and diet choices in your own life!


Week Two!

Challenge Two – Alcohol

Week Two Criteria:

This week we are going to explore alcohol beyond drinking! Everyone who follows me knows that I am a non-drinker but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a role in our diets for various beverages. While alcohol itself isn’t good for our bodies, there are some amazing flavours that can be imparted from various drinks.

The challenge this week: create something delicious with alcohol! Food – not a drink!!!!

Braising and sauces are some typical avenues here!

I will be looking for the following things:


Week Two Learning

The truth about alcohol.

FIRST. Let me say this – I am not saying DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL. If you love wine and beer or whatever, you do you. Enjoy the things in life that bring you enjoyment. Completely.


That doesn’t mean you can ignore some facts though. And they are important facts.

The truth is that there are NO health benefits to alcohol. Period.

Research is VERY VERY misinterpreted here. I won’t go into the details of all of that unless you want to. But the media reports that a drink a day or that red wine etc. have health benefits are sorely misinterpreted. So I must therefore sadly repeat…..there is no positive health benefit from consuming alcohol….( or chocolate….but I don’t want to devastate everyone that much in a single day ).

Now remember that this doesn’t mean you cannot have some wine or beer or a mixed drink if that is something that you like. Will it devastate your life? No. Most likely not. That is not what I am getting at! A few drinks a week is most likely not going to harm your health.

The KEY here that you need to know is this: ADDING wine or other alcoholic beverages DOES NOT add any health benefit. THAT is what everyone needs to know.

Have it if you love it. Just don’t ADD in these things thinking you are IMPROVING your health. You are not.

That is why this weeks challenge is to find a new way to use the culturally pervasive drug.

I don’t drink alcohol any longer (2.5 years now…) but I still cook with it! A wine reduction for braising, white wine in a parm and herb risotto, or my famous (only famous to me obviously…) bourbon BBQ sauce, are all things I really enjoy the flavour of.

So this week the goal is to enjoy the flavour of alcoholic beverages without the negative health effects of drinking the alcohol itself!

-Coach Taylor

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