Summer Cook Off – Week One

Welcome to the Summer Cook Off!!!!!

A nutrition challenge – competition style!!!!!!!!

Each week I will issue a cooking challenge and everyone who is game can take part!

What is the purpose of this challenge?

  1. To understand that eating healthy can also be interesting and delicious
  2. To change our association with food – that it can be celebrated versus causing us non-stop stress
  3. To learn about what is actually healthy food and WHY the health and fitness industry has it all wrong!
  4. To have some fun together!!!!!!!

Oh yeah…..and there is going to be prizes!!!!!!!!!

Each week I will declare a winner – and that person will get a $20!

At the end of 8 weeks, I will post the 8 weekly dish winners, and we will vote on an overall winner – who will win $200 AND two cookbooks from Coach Taylor’s favourites list!!!

(***NOTE: I am letting ANYONE participate in this contest….HOWEVER….only those who registered and paid for the contest are eligible to win the prizes!!!!!)

How it Works

I issue the challenge

You have the rest of the week to create a dish that meets the challenge criteria

End of the week you post your dish and the details of how to make it plus a list of ingredients for the dish

I choose the winner for the week!

We will also discuss all things nutrition and diet all summer. Why I have made the criteria for the week, how it pertains to health, and how you can adapt what we are learning to make positive nutrition and diet choices in your own life!


OK, ok……
Week One!

Challenge One – Eat Real Food

Week One Criteria:

You will create a dish completely from scratch
You will use NO processed ingredients or additives
Dish should start off as all single ingredients

I will be looking for the following things:

Ease of preparation
Is it delicious
Summer theme

Week One Learning

The truth is that the fitness industry has it all messed up. You have been sold supplements, counting your macros, weighing and measuring food to count calories, cutting out entire food groups, restricted eating, and about 900 million other food ‘rules’ that seem to change more frequently than the price at the gas pump.

And all of it is useless. It creates stress, guilt, and a constant sense of frustration bordering on despair. It doesn’t have to be like this.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Here is the absolute truth: you don’t have to do ANY of that!

There is one secret to lifelong heathy eating: most of the time cook your own food from single ingredients.

Here is an example….counting calories is totally ridiculous and stupid. I bet you don’t even know what a calorie IS! Most people don’t. In fact most people in the fitness industry don’t know what a calorie is. If you learned about it, however, it is SO simple to see just how ridiculous it is to count calories.

Oh wait…..did I do a podcast episode ALL ABOUT THIS?

Uh huh.

What does that mean?

Single ingredients: vegetables, meat, grains, rice, fruits….etc. Each of those are unprocessed single ingredients. A steak, potato, Brussels sprouts, salt and pepper, butter, chives, and sauerkraut. There it is, a steak dinner broken down into single ingredients! If you put all of those things together you have a meal!

Issues today with obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and a host of other growing concerns stem from our processed food industry. Overly dense calories in our food, fillers, additives, deep frying, preservatives, added sugars, and the processing itself. THESE are the issues with food and what we eat leading to so many of the aforementioned issues.

Having a diet that is mostly (note I am not saying always or giving a fixed percentage etc….unnecessary…just, like, most of the time) made of of single ingredients that we cook ourselves solves almost every single modern diet issue.

Ask anyone who has been through my anti diet course or who has completed my 6 week Body Design program. They feel amazing, lose body fat, and change their relationship with food WITHOUT weighing, measuring, counting, tracking, or whatever other ‘ing’ is currently trendy in the health and fitness world. They all realize, wait, all of that shit IS irrelevant and WAS just adding anxiety and stress and overcomplexifying things.

So this weeks challenge is to showcase a dish or recipe or sauce or meal, that is focused on exactly these principles….which are the foundation of EVERYTHING I teach about great human nutrition.

Week one – here we go!!!!

-Coach Taylor

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