You’re Doing Fat Loss Wrong

Let me guess.

You want to change what your body looks like. Look different in a bathing suit, wear a smaller size, or see your abs and some shape in your arms.

And you know JUST how to do it!

You need to eat frequently throughout the day. Speeds up your metabolism.

You need to crush some supplements – protein shakes and bars at the VERY least. Protein is the most important.

All the food you are going to eat will be bland, boring, and you’ll hate but no problem, it will be worth it! Steamed broccoli, 5.68 almonds, and a skinless chicken breast, yum.

Diet is all that is important so you don’t HAVE to exercise BUT you just read on Instagram that HIIT workouts are the best way to lose fat fast so you’re going to add that in! If you can still walk up stairs the next day did you even train?

Not only is all of this 100% WRONG but all of this is guaranteed to help you fail. You know, like the last 4 times you tried to start a program.

All of these things are straight out of 1995 and keep getting handed down from one new personal trainer to the next and written about over and over and over again in all of the ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ magazines. It is all garbage.


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Let’s break them down.

Fat Loss Myths

  1. Eating frequently speeds up your metabolism so you burn MORE calories all day!

Nope. It doesn’t. Period. All of the research agrees. Real research – NOT celebrity Youtube clips.

Your metabolic rate is pretty much set by your genetics and is very hard to affect. What happens for most people when they start eating more frequently to ‘speed up their metabolism’ is that they basically just start eating more calories.

And don’t even get me started on the whole ‘balancing your blood sugar’ stuff. OMG. I can’t even. Unless you are a type I diabetic, please, please, stop talking about your blood sugar. A myth for another dayl……

2. Supplements Aid in fat loss.

Nope. They don’t. Myth. Waste. Of. Money.

But you took a supplement and lost weight? Uh huh. Did you also stop eating some other crap food at the same time? Start exercising? Eliminate alcohol for a while?

This is called correlation, which gets confused with causation. You changed your calorie intake and probably food quality and did some exercise. THOSE were the things that made for results but because you started the ‘supplements’ at the same time it appeared that was where the changes stemmed from. You need to give yourself the credit. Not the supplements.

3. All ‘diet food’ is bland and boring.

I mean, just check out Instagram. Broccoli, salads, teeny little portions, and chicken breasts. Like, really, how did the skinless chicken breast become THE health food?

None of it’s true. I have a completely different body than I did before I started my year long health odyssey. I eat chicken skin and even wings. I eat nuts by the handful, fully salted ones too! Chicken, nah. Ribs, pork chops, steak, salmon, selfish, duck, are just a few things in my meat repertoire. And, GASP, two or three days a week I eat only plants!!! **faints from lack of protein…** I roast veggies in oil, make cheese sauces, and sure I steam them too but then I toss them in melted butter and salt.

Sounds pretty boring….

4. You have to keep your body confused, sore, and in the gym for at least an hour if you want exercise to even begin to be effective. HIIT for life!!!!

Oh. My. Gawd.

You have to exercise and move your body. Yes. It is vital to your health.

But constant confusion for your body is totally unnecessary and most often completely ineffective. If you look into the training programs of the fittest people on earth you will see that their fitness programs are filled with repetition, over and over again.

But that doesn’t even matter because YOU are not an elite athlete. And **another gasp** that is totally ok.

You need to move. Walk. Hike. Climb. Yoga. Bodyweight exercise. That’s it. That is all you need.

And an hour at a time? That is a recommendation that has been around so long it is believed to be THE way. But it isn’t true. In fact if you dive into the research 10 minutes of activity 6x a day confers the same benefit as 60 minutes of continuous exercise.

I am not saying you CAN’T workout for an hour, I am just saying that for all of the normal people out there, you know, who have jobs, kids, and adult human responsibilities and stuff and aren’t 25 years olds living at mommy and daddy’s house posting your daily workouts on Instagram, getting in 15-20 minutes of movement and exercise IS going to have an amazingly positive effect on your fat loss goals.

And no, you do not need to do HIIT. You can. Go for it. But your fitness and exercise should leave you feeling GOOD and NOT unable to sit on the toilet or walk up the stairs. There are a million ways to exercise your body.

Fat Loss Truths

Where does that leave us then??

What is the RIGHT way to decrease body fat in an effective way that is practical and actually healthy?

Let’s revisit those points above.


Don’t eat frequently. Instead eat one amazing meal everyday and then have one or two smaller meals before and after that meal, separated by a couple of hours. This will keep your overall calories at an appropriate level for you WITHOUT having to count, weigh, and measure anything. You don’t even have to track your ‘macros.’

This will also help make sure your body learns how to regulate its blood sugar appropriately, you know, the way it is DESIGNED to do it using your brain, liver, pancreas, and a host of other pretty amazing systems that have evolved over the last few million years or so….


Supplements are garbage. Yes. All of them.

You don’t need them. They are processed packaged garbage.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Instead focus on eating real food. Which all of my anti diet participants know are foods that start as single ingredients that you then cook or prepare yourself.


No, ‘diet food’ is not all bland and boring. Basically because there is NO SUCH THING as ‘diet food’.

If you are changing your diet to something you hate just to lose weight or decrease body fat, what do you think is going to happen once you get to your ‘goal?’ You already know. You’ve done it about 101 times before.

You’re going to ‘go back’ to your ‘old habits’.

Because you thought that to eat health those chicken breasts and bird sized portions of almonds a hour after noshing a protein bar was the way to eat.

It isn’t. Like I just said above, what you actually have to do is focus on eating, food. Real food that isn’t processed garbage. But food that you make from ingredients. Make it yourself and you can have anything. That is exactly what I do myself, it is exactly what I coach all of my clients and members to do. It is the base premise of my anti diet.

And cooking has never been easier or faster! The internet is basically one huge recipe repertoire. How to do ANYTHING videos are just a google search away, I mean, you don’t even have to type, just ASK your phone to find it for you. Slow cooker, pressure cookers, crock pots, microwaves, fridges, and a bajillion other modern gadgets mean you can make your own food in a fraction of the time your grandmother needed.

And the best part? This good TASTES good, like, really good. And it is satisfying. Really satisfying.


You need to do an exercise or fitness program that you will do. Consistently.

THAT is the secret to exercise.

Stop trying to exercise to burn calories. Start exercising to move your body. Walk, swim, hike, do that fitness app (I happen to know an awesome one if you’re interested), play with your kids, or any other of a million other things.

Aim for good movement for 20-30 minutes three or four times a week.

Yes, there is additional benefit to certain times of exercise and you need to make sure you are getting your heart rate up to keep it happy and healthy BUT that shouldn’t discount making sure you just have a regular and basic habit built into your life first. The rest we can get to as you develop the habit.

The best exercise program is the one you do consistently forever.


And that is literally the secret to fat loss.

It is totally OK if you want to lose body fat and change what your body looks like. That is why I have created my new six week program, Body Design. Because I know that so many people want to pursue that goal.

I mean, I do to!


It is important to do it in a HEALTHY way and the way people have been doing it for the last 30 years is NOT the healthy way to do it. Period. That is why it hasn’t been working.

Change your mindset about it and do it in a new way. It can be hard, it is so confusing. But if you read this entire blog then you have a base level of trust in me. So extend then a bit further. You trust me and know that I work diligently to ensure I bring you the most accurate and up to date information.

You are ready to be free of the confusion around fat loss and just get to work at your goals.

So you can choose to do things the way you have done them the last 101 times. Or. You can trust me and try going about hitting your goals in a new way.

-Coach Taylor

Body Design

This is why I have created a 6 week program to show people that YES – you can change what your body looks like, decrease body fat, and all of that, while feeling good AND being healthy and kind to your body!


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