Not Getting Results Fast Enough?

I need to start this post by telling you something. Everything I am about to say comes from a place of deep love. 

My entire life is dedicated to improving the health and fitness of the people who put their trust into me.

A lot of people are going to take this really personally. And that’s okay. It is intended to have an impact. But I need you all to really step back and remember what I am driving at. 

I am not giving you shit, telling you you are doing anything wrong, or saying that you are not doing good enough. 

Like the entire premise of my anti diet program, it is actually the whole health and fitness industry and, well, the world that IS actually giving you shit. Remember as you read this, what I am TRYING to say is that it’s okay. You’re okay. Everything is okay. Everything is going to be okay. 

I am going to deliver some stone cold truth. 

Because that is what Coach Taylor does. 

This is something that makes my heart hurt and makes me rage at the same time. I have written about it a bit before but I really need to clarify the message. 


Okay. Let’s rip off the band aid. 

You need to stop bitching and moaning and crying because you are not getting ‘results’ fast enough when you are not even giving 100% of your effort.

I see constant posts, and memes, and blogs, and get messages LITERALLY daily, about people ‘unhappy with their progress’ when they are not doing all the work. There is this expectation that results and progress should happen at 150% levels when the effort being put in is only 70%, sometimes less. 

I am sorry now in advance to my own clients but I need to pull some examples. Remember I love you and I am going to pull this blog back to a good place so bear with me! 

In my programs I see this all the time. People post how they are mostly adhering to the guidelines, the ‘rules’, the suggestions. They are tying hard and have only deviated a bit. 

Then the next post is how frustrated they are with the fact that they aren’t getting the results they expected. Lamenting life and health and their bodies and everything, how they aren’t where they want to be but somehow missing the part where they haven’t actually put in all the work yet. 

PLEASE. Stay with me here. Don’t be sad by this message…it is going somewhere you NEED to hear. I promise. 

A lot of people were following along with my year long health odyssey and felt great inspiration from it. A lot of those people want to achieve the same level of life change. And I want that for you to. I really, really, really, do. 

But listen up here for a second. 

I did followed that set of life rules for A YEAR. 

In that ENTIRE year – I did not deviate ONCE. I had no ‘off program’ moments. I didn’t miss a single thing, I didn’t eat a single thing I told myself not to, I didn’t drink, I stopped smoking weed completely, I didn’t miss a workout, I didn’t miss a meditation, or anything. Not once. For a year. My partner in the program Mary, was exactly the same, even when she had pneumonia was still in complete adherence. 

And over the course of that program it was almost 6 months, 6 MONTHS, before I started to notice significant changes to my body. It was around 5 months my  mind started to feel more clear. It was around then my energy level really started to increase. It was around then I really started to FEEL different. 

5-6 months. Of complete adherence. To EVERYTHING. Diet, exercise, lifestyle factors, everything. 

Want to know more about my yer long health odyssey? Here is a blog I wrote about it

Then at 12 months, the full year, yeah, my whole life had begun to change. See what I said there? 


Because I kept up with the exact same lifestyle habits afterwards. And by the end of the SECOND YEAR my life was completely different. 

With perfect adherence. To a COMPLETE lifestyle overhaul. 


This is NOT meant to discourage you. This is just meant to deliver the truth. 

ANd the truth is that you have spent years, maybe decades, getting to where you are. You cannot expect to change your entire life in 6 weeks, or 10 weeks, or even 4 months, when you are 75-85% committed to a portion of the things you saw me do in my health odyssey. 

But that is what so many people do. 

Get to where you are at over a long period of time and then stress when a few weeks or a couple months go by and you haven’t hit all of your health and fitness dreams. 

Now, I promised I had a message that I wanted to deliver. And that I am not chastising you, or telling you it is impossible or anything like that. So here we go…

It’s all okay. 

You don’t HAVE to be 100% ‘perfect’ with your health and fitness program. For that vast majority of people this is simply an impossibility. 


You do HAVE to change your expectations. 


This is the ROOT cause of it. 

You have to change your expectations. 

Remember this: 

If you 100% commit, with NOT exceptions to a health and fitness program like the one I made for myself and followed, it will take 1-2 years to completely transform your life. 

If you commit 80% to a program like my health odyssey, it will take 2-4 years to completely transform your life. 


The health and fitness industry won’t tell you this. They will keep selling you quick fixes and ‘easy programs’ and ‘superfoods’ and all the rest. Because in general, people don’t want to hear this. 

It is the truth though. It is the abso-fucking-lute truth. You know it too. Deep down you know that I am completely right about this. You feel it. It makes you sad and frustrated. I can’t help with that feeling, I can’t take it away. 

I want you to sit with that feeling. Sit with the stress, the frustration. Have a cry. Let it all out. It is very important to feel your feelings. You need to. 

Then, recognize this. 

You don’t HAVE to change your entire life in the next two months. It will never last if you try anyway. For anyone. AND THAT’S OKAY!!!!!! 

You need to change your expectations. 

You need to change what you focus on. 

Why did my health odyssey work?? 

Because I focused on the process. On the things I was doing. NOT on the outcome. Not on what I looked like, what I felt like, or anything else. I was completely and ONLY focused on the PROCESS. On doing the things that needed to get done. 

Then, month after month, I felt successful because I was achieving my goal. I was doing all of the things. And I knew if I could keep doing all of these things, all of these activities, then eventually the outcome goals would happen. I would change my body, feel better, sleep better, have better sex, and overall improve my life. 

Guess what? That is exactly what happened. And I was able to do it because I felt accomplished EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because everyday I accomplished what I set out to do. The food I ate. Meditating. Workouts. Activities. All of the things. Each day I actually accomplished things and that felt good. The health outcomes were the byproducts of that. 

What you need to do are two things: 

  1. Change your mindset timeline. The scale to the health goals you want is 6 months to 4 years
  2. If you are 80% adherence you will be on the longer side of that timeline, 100% adherence the shorter side. 

And that is why I am trying to get across that EITHER way is totally okay!!!! It is COMPLETELY fine to have 80% adherence! BUT. You have to adjust your timeline expectations. 

Do all of the things I tell you to do. Plan for a longer timeline. Focus on the things you achieve daily.

And I promise. 

You WILL change your entire life. 

-Coach Taylor

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