What are people saying about the anti diet?

Welcome to the anti diet!
Below are quotes from people just like you who have joined my anti diet program!
This is the best course I have ever created, I mean that with the utmost sincerity! It has even surprised ME with the changes I have seen! But you don’t need to take my word for it!

-Coach Taylor

(Names have been omitted to respect the privacy of current anti diet members!)

This is what you have secretly been hoping for your whole life: to want to eat well because you enjoy it

Forget everything you think you know about eating healthy.

There is a freedom in this program like no other program I have experienced.

I have found this such a rich experience. Nuanced, provocative, fun/funny, helpful. Thank you Coach Taylor and Dr. Mary. This is awesome.

It helps shift your mind to develop a better relationship with food.

I’m honestly so surprised at the change in my relationship with food. Even though you promised the anti-diet would deliver on this lol. I’m someone who is active and overall ate “clean/well”. However, there was always so much chatter and guilt swirling in my head. It was a daily battle. In just 6 weeks I have made more progress than I did in the last 6 years! So grateful I took the plunge and signed up. I feel stronger, more energetic and at peace with myself.

Having the guilt surrounding food disappear. I didn’t think that was possible!!

This is a supportive, eye opening program that helps you to change your view on food and how we should be connected to it.

The antidiet is a great program to become intentional about how you eat and why you eat. It is not a “no fun diet” or a set of “rules” you follow, it is about opening your eyes to the food industry, providing you with information and the opportunity to make change with a supportive network along the way.

It was way less scary/boring/restrictive – normally diets are restrictive, don’t make you feel good, make you moody/grumpy/not fun to be around and this is just the opposite.

You don’t count anything!

I have truly enjoyed this program. I have learned so much about eating “REAL” food. I was one of the folks who thought fruit was bad for you…can you believe it? I learned that good carbs are just that “good”. I’m enjoying cooking too..who knew???

1. To stop worrying about the number on the scale and go by how I feel 2. It’s ok to eat and I don’t have to weigh and measure every morsel that goes into my mouth 3. It’s really a simple concept, it’s just we’re inundated with shit all day everyday that tells us differently and makes everything complicated.

It is a really amazing way to change your relationship with food and cooking.

It is a great program to get you back to healthy eating and physical activity, but not over the top with crazy foods and outrageous counting calories or points. It fits into your life style! Love it!

What IS the anti diet?

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