5 Things Every Adult Should Do

Hello blog world!!! It has been a while since I wrote for you! I mean, I am a one man content machine to be sure and put out stuff all the time, but I miss blogging. Diving a little deeper into a topic sometimes feels good. So here we go. 

And of course, you know I am not one to shy away from saying the hard things…so…

You have to be an adult sometimes. 

Not ALL the time, let’s not get crazy! But there are times that it is really important. 

I am talking about doing the hard things. The hard things that people won’t do and sit around bitching and whining about. 

‘I don’t want to eat my vegetables’ 

‘I don’t like water!’ 

‘I just don’t feel like practicing today’ 

‘I am just too tired to do any exercise right now’ 

‘I don’t LIKE that!’ 

No. No this isn’t a transcript from anyone’s recent conversation with their child. These are the CONSTANT comments that I hear as a health and fitness coach. Constantly. For the last 20 years. 

It sounds like an insolent teenager I know. But, gasp, this might even have been you! 

Sometimes I get mildly frustrated by it all but it isn’t something we are supposed to talk about. Ever. Our world today is so overboard on protecting everyone’s feelings that we often shy away from the hard truth of reality. 

Here is a crazy story! 

Just the other day in lecture for one of my grad school classes the most incredible thing happened. We open class with a quick update on how we are all doing, which is nice in the days of the world being online via zoom. 

I was having a great day so offered up to go first and said just that. I am having a great day. I got up, worked out, had a tea, took my dog (heisenberg_gsd on Insta if you want to see a famous German Shepherd…) for a hike, made another tea (I like tea…) and sat down for class, which I really enjoy. 

And it set the tone for people also saying things they were feeling good about. But something weird started to happen. 

People started to APOLOGIZE for saying they were happy and having a great day. Just in case someone in the class was NOT having a great day and maybe would feel worse about themselves because of all the great days that were happening. 

Isn’t this really kind of fucked up? 

If we share that we’re having a bad day everyone is sympathetic and ‘there’ for you…but have a great day? Feel good? We need to feel careful about it to the point that we are supposed to apologize for it? I mean. That IS kind of fucked up. 

Why did I tell you this story? 

Because sometimes it is OK to not worry about protecting everyone’s feelings. And this is one of those times. 

It is time to adult. 

To act like a grown up. 

To stop bitching and whining and moaning. 

I know. Cake tastes good. Potato chips are the favour of heaven. Chocolate is so good it can be smeared on the body to make sex better, like, it can make SEX BETTER! Literal WTF. 

I will leave the rest of the imagery up to you……….

But these things aren’t GOOD for us. (Chocolate….not sex).

There is no conferred health benefit. Eating them hurts health, not eating them enhances health. 

Don’t stress out. Hold up. 


I am NOT saying that you should never eat these things. 


Sometimes we need to recognize that eating them all the time is NOT GOOD for our HEALTH. 

And then we have to choose not to eat them. 

What’s even worse than that? 

Sometimes we have to CHOOSE to EAT vegetables, and drink more water, and exercise, and take care of our bodies. Yeah, even when we don’t really want to. 

Because that is what being an adult is. Making smart choices that don’t always match what our ‘wants’ are. I mean, that is what you tell your kids all the time right? 

The truth is that life isn’t fair. Life is hard. Life isn’t all unicorns and butterflies (which is fine for people with lepidopterophobia…). Sometimes we need to adult. 

Our bodies need healthy food. Our bodies need movement and exercise. Period. 

It doesn’t matter if you hate exercise, if you hate vegetables, if you’d rather watch Netflix than sleep, or if you think water is boring. You have to be an adult. You just have to suck it the fuck up and doing. 

You don’t have to love it. You don’t even have to like it. You just have to do it. 

And now the list I promised you. 

#1 – Eat vegetables daily

Yep. Every single fucking day you’re going to eat some vegetable. I don’t care if they are raw, cooked, canned, frozen, from your garden, or getting a little ‘funky’. Every single day, eat some vegetables. Period.

They are healthy. Your body needs the carbohydrate, the micronutrients, and the boost to your micro-biome.

#2 – Exercise

Move. Daily. Walking, pushups, squats, crawling, playing on the playground, swimming, yoga, whatever. But you HAVE to move.

Every single thing in your body needs and requires movement. Your muscles, your hormonal systems, your organs, your brain, EVERYTHING.

Weeks, months, and years of going from the couch to the bed to the couch to the shower to your car and repeating that endless cycle of nothingness…is just not acceptable. Take care of your damn body.

#3 – Sleep

Yeah. I hate it too. What a waste of time. But your brain needs it. It can’t live and recover and survive without it. You have to sleep. How much? Whatever feels good for you, the 8 thing is a myth. BUT. Make sure to get quality sleep.

Can’t get sleep? That’s an issue. You need to adult and sort that shit out. Because you need it.

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#4 – Say no to things

#sorrynotsorry. Yeah. You can’t have cake daily. Or cookies after every meal. You should rarely eat chips and buckets of ice cream. You might have to turn down plans that will destroy your sleep before an important event.

This idea that we should have whatever we want whenever we want it is totally insane. And then being sad and depressed when we don’t get what we want. Wtf.

Life can be hard. Unfair. That is what life is. Sometimes you have to say no and not have all of the things.

This is your HEALTH we are talking about. That body you are sitting in while you read this? It’s the only fucking one you are getting. Ever. Take care of it because only YOU will suffer the consequences of letting it become unhealthy.

#5 – Be a role model for their children

Your kids will become WHAT and WHO you are. NOT what you tell them you want them to be. Just let that sink in for a moment. Just like you have become just like your parents over time, your kids will become you.

So to make sure they have the best life possible you need to LIVE that life that you want them to have. Period. That is adulting.

That is your responsibility.

All my fellow non-parents out there…this still applies!!! I have nieces and nephews and I have a ton of clients with kids. They all see me too. And frankly, half the adults out there act and behave like children so often that I also have to be an adult for them!!!!!

This ended up far less harsh than I feared it might be! Yay! 

Just leave with this. 

You are an adult. Act like it. Take care of yourself and your body. 

Be the inspiration that you look for instead of watching it on Instagram. 

-Coach Taylor

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