Top 4 BEST Training Tools!

People love lists and frankly, creating numbered lists is something I love doing. SO here you go.

Do you need equipment to get a great workout? Nope. You sure don’t. You can workout with just your bodyweight for the rest of your life.


There are some amazing training tools out there and adding external resistance to our movement is a really great idea! I do gully believe that you SHOULD train with more than just body weight.

Does that mean fancy equipment? No. Use rocks. Logs. Laundry. Kids. Whatever you have on hand. But you should be adding resistance to your movement!

All of that being said, there is some awesome equipment out there that you should be investing in over time and have stocked up at home!!!!

Without further ado, here we go!

If you need any of this equipment I have included links to products I recommend at the bottom of the page! 

The Kettlebell

Everyone sick of me ranting on about the kettlebell yet?

Yes. Sorry.

I will stop.

Nope. No I will not.

Because this is the single greatest training tool out there and your life will be better FOREVER if you learn to use them properly and then actually use them a few days a week.



Why? What is it about the kettlebell?

It is so versatile and works the body the way the body was meant to move!! Arcs, momentum, rotation, full body, strength, cardio, power, flexibility, range of motion, support, proprioception….everything!

All of this in a steel ball with a handle?


All of this in steel ball with a handle.

AND. They aren’t that expensive, especially when you consider that it is a steel ball with a handle – it will outlast you, your kids, your grandkids, and their grandkids.

If you want to get the maximal benefit from them it is VITAL you learn them from the ground up so that you can actually DO all the cool shit they are capable of! Not just doing lunges and squats and shoulder presses with a KB instead of a dumbbell.

It is a DIFFERENT style of training. If you learn it well and then use them the way they were meant to be used they will keep you healthy, strong, and fit FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I built a 4 module kettlebell training program because I believe in them SO FUCKING MUCH.

If you are a total newb or have used KB’s for years, I will help you hone the basics and then truly advance your skills. All at your own pace and with an amazingly supportive group of fellow kettlebeller’s!

The Jump Rope

First. It is jumping rope. It is NOT skipping. Don’t’ forget that.

I still believe this is the most under utilized piece of equipment in the entire fitness industry.

It builds coordination, stamina, cardiovascular health, power, and a host of other benefits.

A good rope costs under $10. It requires minimal space.

And one of the best things about jumping rope is that it requires a lot of mind muscle connection, which is SORELY lacking from most of modern fitness. You have to pay attention to what you are doing, there is no ‘zoning out’ with the rope. Add to that the need for your brain to coordinate everything and you have a truly awesome piece of fitness equipment.

10 minutes a day on the rope should be a life requirement!


I am not sponsored by TRX and get no kickbacks from them so when I say buy an actual TRX and NOT a knock off; I really and truly mean it. I have TRX units that are almost 15 years old and still going strong!

I have been training with and using the TRX with clients since 2007.

Known as suspension training, this style of exercise is again, full body, and amazingly versatile. The majority of people stick to the basics but if you put in the time to really learn what the TRX can do the diversity of training is mind boggling.

Every single movement is a full body movement. Everything can be made easier or can be made harder.

The name of the company was initially Fitness Anywhere and was imagined by Navy Seals as a way to take great fitness with them around the world. So you don’t need a ton of space and there are multiple ways to attach them and use them.

This is also an ideal training tool for working around injuries and rehabilitating from injury. That being said, I have also used it when training elite athletes. This thing is THAT versatile!

The Mace

Fourth on the list is the mace.

I started training with them a couple years ago and am still learning what the capabilities are.

While they are more limited in overall scope than the KB and the TRX, I believe that the mace is a valuable addition to your training repertoire.

The basic 360 is a great exercise to highlight some of the benefits of mace training. It truly works the ‘core’ in a logical way – antiextension and antirotation – just the way it is supposed to work!

I also love the shoulder mobility that is forced by the mace and how this is built in with full body coordination.

There is a lot more to the mace than just the 360 and it is worth investing is buying one and learning what it can do!

There you go. My current list of the top four training tools out there!!!!

Could this change over time? Maybe. But the Kettlebell I have been using for a decade, the TRX for 15 years, and the jump rope for 20 years. So I am confident in telling you, 20 years from now I will still be endorsing those tools. I expect the mace will still be in my hands and the hands of my clients by then as well.

Are there other worthy tools out there? Yes.

Medicine balls, exercise balls, shena’s, Indian clubs, paralette bars, sandbags, the Bulgarian bag, hackey sacks, all have a place in my home equipment.

Do you need them, no. Can they be used for variety? You bet.

But the list above is still my top four and will keep you busy for YEARS!!!!

-Coach Taylor

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