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So a couple of weeks ago I put out a survey for some feedback on all of my material and the answers were very much appreciated! A huge thank you to all 107 of you who responded!

There was something that really struck me as I read through the data (well a lot of things, but that would make this blog way too long!)

I asked what is most important to people in an online training platform and the largest response was: THE QUALIFICATIONS OF THE COACH.

By a significant margin. It was a higher priority than the variety of exercises, new content, and it blew having an app and weight loss out of the water.

This is VERY interesting to me.

Because I also asked about why people hadn’t joined my platform or another platform and the consistent answer was that they were too expensive, or money was too tight, or that they could find enough free content on Instagram.

WHY is this so interesting to me?

It tells me that

  1. People recognize the value of a good coach and that there are better and worse coaches out there
  2. People aren’t willing to pay for a good coach in the era of free everything

I understand for sure. Money is a precious resource and we are all judicious in where we spend it. Even if you have disposable income you should still be smart about where you spend it!

But this leads to a huge issue in the fitness industry (probably other areas of life as well but I am really only qualified to speak to the fitness industry).

You want qualified and educated coached and you want them for free.

Question for you then:

How is someone supposed to become a qualified and experienced coach, earn a living from that skill and knowledge, when people want the information from that coach for free?

I have a masters degree in human movement, I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for almost 20 years, I have literally forgotten more certifications and courses I have taken over the years than I remember taking, I have coached thousands of clients, and I have a decent online following and a pretty good reputation. So let’s agree that I am a semi-qualified coach (in all honesty this puts me in about the top 0.01% of the fitness industry but I don’t want you thinking I am all in this for the ego).

When I build out a new program, my kettlebell academy and charge $125 for the first module, a four week program and instructional program from me on how to master the kettlebell, the vast majority of the response is…….wait for it….

It’s too expensive.


Another question for you?

How much SHOULD that cost?

Four weeks of access to a coach like myself, instruction, programming, follow-up, interaction, on arguably the best training tool out there.

What is that worth to you?

$75? $35? $1? Should it be free?

Lets say 20 people sign-up for the $125, thats $2500. Not bad right?

Well, the academy will see me invest probably about 100 hours in creation. $25 an hour?! Not bad Coach, what are you bitching about? Well. Then there is the time during the course…probably about 25 hours a week making content, responding and coaching etc, another 100 hours. Hmmm…now that’s actually $12.50 an hour.

I won’t get into expenses for the program etc. Or what my rent is and utilities and food and all of that. Because remember, if you want a coach with my kind of qualification, which is what everyone says they want, well, we have to dedicate our lives to this. So this is the only way we earn an income.

How qualified of a professional do you think you should get for $12.50 an hour?

Because the minimum wage in the province I reside (Ontario, Canada) is $14 an hour.


I am not writing this as a sob story.

This is a wake-up call to you.

The REASON there is a lack of quality coaches and quality information in the fitness biz is because everyone thinks all we are worth is $12.50 an hour.

So we are forced to hawk products, promote garbage, and fill our feeds with ads to try an earn a living. What kind of quality coaches to you expect to dedicate their life to that?

So no. It is NOT OK to just grab some moves off the internet and do whatever programs some 20 year old insta-celeb is putting out for FREE AWESOME CONTENT!!! You know, the workout THEY DO THEMSEVLES!!!! Uh huh. Ok.

This is your fucking health we are talking about. This is not an area to seek free deals.

Want to know why your back hurts? Your knees hurt? You never achieve your fitness goal? You don’t progress? You end up getting bored?

NEWSFLASH! It is because you are following shitty fucking programs and working with fucking stupid idiot wannabe coaches who won’t even be around in a few years. They will most likely be selling insurance or become a realtor….trust me, that is A REALLY common life path!!!

Or you are following ‘coaches’ who are just skinny people who workout and now put out content and they become TRAINERS!!! And they reiterate and spew out all the exact same shit that has ejaculated from the cacophony of mouths of every single other fitness ‘professional’ for the last 40 years. Here is my ab workout! Do these three simple exercises! Look at how jacked my PYTHONS are, do this arm exercise to do the same for you!!! 

Because people don’t want to hire an ACTUAL coach. 

$125 for a four week program with a coach of my qualifications and experience to learn the base skills for an amazing fitness tool that will give you skills to utilize for the rest of your life? 

How much did you spend on booze, snack food, movie rentals, random Amazon ‘good deals’, etc. last month? I would bet it is more than $125. 

So think about this. 

Think about your life and your health and your fitness. I SHOULD be one of the most important things to you. 

Invest in it. Invest in yourself. Help me make the fitness industry better. The only way to do that is to support the QUALIFIED people so that they can earn a decent living doing this. 

It is win win. They earn a living, you have a better life. 

-Coach Taylor 

Just in case you want to learn how to use the kettlebell from an actual qualified coach….

  1. skrat982 says:

    First of all, let me say that I agree with you 100%. You deserve and have earned the right to be properly paid for your expertise and your coaching ability. These difficult stay at home times have made living life more difficult for everyone. Here is my observation and to tell the truth, I am not certain of it’s accuracy. Much of the pushback on paying a fair amount for good coaching is a “self inflicted” wound by those who market their skills. I suspect that it is a result of a “How to market on Facebook” consulting. Specifically, I have been a part of three very helpful fitness groups that started out as “conversational” and free. The “coach” created the group, the group kind of bonded over time, and then a new layer of “coaching” was added for a fee. Eventually an even higher level of coaching was added for an even greater fee. Still ok with me, but the enjoyment of that initial group was lost, the relationship with the coach changed from “conversational” to “if you want to talk to me you have to pay for it.” So much for rapport and good relationships! Would I pay a fair price for coaching, of course. Would I pay for that occasional quick question based upon a relationship initially created by this same coach who has now become almost adversarial with his approach, I doubt it. Sadly, I do not have a solution for you, but I do believe that relationships make a difference and once damaged are difficult to recover.

    • Taylor says:

      Most definitely. And therin is the problem! To build a relationship online people want free and groups etc. but then to convert people to paying members or clients is very difficult. I will do my best to keep it the way it has always been and just add a sprinkle of marketing to give people options to buy if they choose.
      Overall, the system you describe is how it usually works and as long as enough people then buy the options the coaches don’t care, they are making money etc.. I don’t intend on going that route!!! And will do my best to keep the same level of content coming out I always have!!
      Thanks for taking the time to provide the comment, I appreciate it!

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