My Year Without Alcohol

Yeah, it’s a tongue in cheek tittle because that is what is expected. That is what everyone wants to know, to focus on, how could you go a whole year without drinking?

Forget the fact that I have completely overhauled the entirety of my life, lol, just focus on the fact that I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol for an entire year.
If you have followed my posts and podcasts over the last year you are well aware I have been on a journey, a physical, sometimes spiritual, and always interesting journey of discovery.
The premise was simple: what would happen if I were to follow every single piece of health advice that I purport as efficacious for ultimate health? Would it make that big of a difference to my life? How much of a difference? Physical? Spiritual? Mental? Or would it make no difference at all? Is the constant bombardment of ‘you should be doing this for your ultimate health’ messaging merely rhetoric?
How do I succinctly summarize an entire year, a true odyssey into human health, into a piece of writing that anyone will actually read? The answer is: I cannot.

This is going to be long. I wasn’t going to write it as I don’t think the people who truly need to hear what I have to say are actually going to listen, to absorb, to contemplate, to consider the truth’s about their health via my journey.
So this won’t be succinct. Reading it is going to be an odyssey for some! If you are serious about changing your life, about living as long as possible with good health, movement, enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, and everything else that makes for a human life well lived, then this is what you need to read. This is the message you need to hear. These are the actions you need to contemplate. Contained below is a roadmap to everything you need to do to live. Because living should be beautiful, exciting, enjoyable.

Read my post about the Odyssey from before I started! 
It’s not quite as long as this post, lol!

Why Embark on This Odyssey

2019 marked my age at 39 and early in 2020 I will enter my 40’s, while this is still not quite at the geriatric threshold it is most definitely a significant milestone in our lives, with the intent of improving my health as I move into the next decade.
Seven years ago my mom died suddenly in her sleep and receiving the phone call the next morning with the news fundamentally changed life, changed me, altered me. I would love to say it was unexpected but I had warned my family for years that obesity and too much alcohol was putting an end stamp on her life. I hate being right sometimes. At 56 years old she was gone.
After that my passion for many things eroded away especially health and fitness. Here I was, a professional coach who couldn’t even save his own mother. Couldn’t even affect her health enough to save her life. I watched, I warned, I predicted her death with more accuracy than I wish I could. I knew. I tried. I did what I could. It wasn’t enough.
The years that followed I worked out sporadically. I ate too much. Not health food either. Pre-bough fish sticks and fries are not health food, no, even though it’s seafood it isn’t healthy. We fell into drinking wine with nightly meals, or a beer or two. I discovered tequila is actually a hard liquor that I enjoyed sipping. I smoked weed most nights of the week then enjoyed the munchies with cinnamon buns, chocolate, pop, bags of chips, maybe some Oreos, or a tub of ice cream. Five nights a week by 2018. I stopped really caring, lost interest in fitness in general and most other hobbies I enjoyed.
One day I called my wife in an emergency and had her leave work to take me to the ER. I thought I was having a heart attack. Literally. Turns out it was an anxiety attack. Nothing brought it on but chronic use of marijuana can do this to, especially couple with all the other unhealthy habits, which also came with high blood pressure, foggy cognition, lack of ability to focus, lethargy, paranoia, and a few other health effects I won’t discuss here.
I couldn’t wear size 40 pants any longer, I had maybe 4 shirts I could still fit into, didn’t really need jackets in the Canadian winter as I had my own insulation, and felt…heavy. And I snored. Loud. Some nights my wife would make me sleep in the basement so she could at least get some sleep because even with her need to wear earplugs nightly apparently the vibration reverberated through the mattress.
That’s where I was.
The Odyssey
In October/November of 2018, while travelling through Namibia, I suddenly had a thought: what would happen if for one year I took every single bit of advice I dished out as a health coach? Would it make that big of a difference? How big?
I debated over it for weeks. Could I do it? Did I really want to do it? What all would it entail. I mulled, contemplated, searched, wrote, and eventually decided to go ahead with it.

Almost everyone I shared it with thought I was crazy. Always for the same reasons. I was taking all the fun things out of life, all of the things that made life worth living, and for a whole year, why would anyone do this? How could anyone do this?
The more I received this feedback the more steadfast became my course. It reinforced for me just how insidiously cultural norms had been established that were truly destroying our health. Abstention from many things seems an impossibility to most people and I have discussed many times over the past year just how scary this is. There is a lot of money in keeping us sick and we can’t break free. No, there isn’t a cure for cancer being held captive my Merck, but there is a very real knowledge that the food we are sold is terrible for us and there is a complete lack of preventative health care, which could save millions of lives. This is real.
I will not digress into a tirade on the sociocultural structures and influences currently destroying our bodies.
Onward. I was in. I made the decision. The Odyssey would happen. The 2019 Health Odyssey. My family will tell you I am like a freight train. When I have made up my mind, when I have committed to a path, I will not be dissuaded. Those close to me may call it stubborn and extremely annoying but I think it is one of my superpowers. They can disagree all they want, I will not be dissuaded on this topic.
One year. All the advice I doll out I would enact. January 1st it would begin.

What all did this journey entail?
This is where I really, REALLY, want you to pay attention for a moment because this is THE SINGULAR most frustrating thing I have had to deal with over the past year and even now, December 31st, it hasn’t changed.
MOST of the advice I give out, that majority of my coaching, is focused on adding healthy things, be it exercise, food, or psychological aspects of health. Noone really notices that.
What everyone does pay heed to are the restrictions. The things that must be CUT out of life. This invariably leads to fear, frustration, avoidance, panic, and instant acquittal of the possibility of an attempt at embarking on similar life changes for health.
99% of the questions I fielded were always about the restrictions. This would always be followed by an explanation of why they could not do the same thing. To be fair a good portion of people are just stubborn fucks and were honest, they just aren’t WILLING to make any kind of sacrifice for their health. They want to stuff their pudgy cheeks with chocolate while incessantly bitching that they just have such a hard time losing weight. What can I even say to that?

Not once. Let me repeat: NOT ONCE during this entire year was I ever engaged in a discussion about the health aspects that were ADDED into my life during the Odyssey even though they outnumbered the restrictions tenfold. No one gave a fuck. No one could get past the restrictions.
This is the reason why so much of my attitude has changed. Sorry Karen, but those who aren’t willing to commit to change I actually no longer care about. This journey has shown me a hard truth: there is nothing I can do to make the health of our population better. I can have an influence over a select few who are willing to put in some effort and make some sacrifices but my dreams of truly changing our culture at large are gone.
The true power of this Odyssey was adding healthy activities and foods into my life, which is why there were far more additions than restrictions for this journey. I don’t know how to get this message actually absorbed through the thick heads of…everyone…but if I ever figure that out maybe I can change the world!
Fine, fine, fine! The details already!

The Details

As I am inclined to do, the band-aid needs to get ripped off quickly. What did I give up for an entire year.

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana (and recreational drugs, of which there are none I partake in)
  • Processed Food

That’s it! Only three things were excluded!! Alcohol and drugs are easily understood. What about processed food?
For me that meant no potato chips, chocolate, pop, cookies, ice cream, cinnamon buns, and other salty snacks. Now let’s be a little bit clear. Actually this just meant no pre-made processed versions of these foods (also including cakes, cupcakes, pastries, breads etc, things I just really don’t care much about anyway), they could still be had if I wanted them. The catch? I would have had to make them from scratch with real ingredients. Which at times I did, however, as the journey progressed I desired these things less and less so by month four I didn’t bother with any of it.
Now what did I ADD to my life?

  • Minimum 15 minutes a day of physical activity
  • Use of all the following equipment: hackey sack, mace, indian clubs, evolution flows, breath work
  • Weekly inversion training
  • Daily Cold exposure
  • Prepare all of my food from scratch (nothing processed)
  • Intermittent fasting (I eat dinner and a small meal a couple hours later)
  • Fermented Foods Daily
  • Seafood 3x a week
  • All proteins ethically and organically raised from local farmers
  • One new food or recipe weekly
  • Journal weekly
  • Read at least 20 books
  • Podcast weekly
  • Learn one new advanced skill
  • Meditate daily

That’s it! That’s the entire Odyssey. Do all of the above for one year.
Let’s break it down point by point.

The Restrictions

No Alcohol for a Year

I would have a glass, or two, of wine nightly with meals the last couple of years. Then started learning to sip tequila because EVERYONE on TV and in every movie is always sipping ‘a drink’. Maybe a beer or two once I realized I liked Guiness and what’s taco night without a Corona?
The result.
I do not miss it. Any of it. At all. In anyway. Seriously.
In fact, I don’t intend on ever drinking alcohol again. Why? My life today is far better than it ever has been, alcohol free. I have eaten at one of the best restaurants in the world and had an incredible experience, alcohol free.
I enjoy other beverages more than alcohol, such as kombucha, and these beverages actually provide a health benefit. If I am going to ingest calories why would I not ingest calories that actually provide some health benefit that I enjoy more?
The longer I go without alcohol the more I realize how much I don’t want to partake. The scarier it becomes to me. Our societal addiction to ingesting a poison it actually horrifically frightening. The more removed I am from social alcohol culture the more turned off I have become from ever wanting to drink booze ever again. This is a sentiment that I have discovered is shared by many others who have made the decision to abstain.
The calories I have not ingested, the better sleep I have had, the days I haven’t lost to feeling ill from purposefully ingesting a poison all lead me to have no desire to drink alcohol.
Note that I have no desire and that it is not something I am forcing onto myself. I don’t WANT to. That is something in the Odyssey that is truly powerful; it actually changes you.
You keep seeing me use the word poison. Remember that. Because it is true. Alcohol is a poison. It has no health benefit. Sorry not sorry. I am just the deliverer of the truth.

No Marijuana or Recreational Drugs

I’ve never partaken in any recreational drugs other than weed so that wasn’t too hard. But getting high has been a part of my life for a very long time and the last few years I probably smoked up 5 nights a week. I wouldn’t say it was an addiction as I had no trouble or issue abstaining if I was travelling or had other events coming up that required not being weed stupid. I just simply LOVE being high. It is a mind expanding and totally awesome state of being.
At first it was no issue because I am a stubborn old man and once I make a decision to do something I am doing it. Period. So embarking on this journey I literally just stopped (after getting really really high last New Year’s Eve…). About a month in I had some cravings, not so much for the weed, but for the experience of being high.
The truth is weed makes you stupid and lazy. Anyone who argues that simply doesn’t understand how much sharper they could be and how much more productive they could be if they weren’t chronically high. That is what I really noticed after about six weeks.
My mind became sharper. I started to get more done. My focus and attention started to come back. It was like a fog slowly dissolved out of my brain and I could think clearly again. Weed is funny like that. It makes you think you are on these amazing mind journeys filled with ideas and granted some stellar insights have come to me while high as a kite. But a year later I can tell you this: I have just as many stellar insights now as I did then and they are actually a lot sharper, a lot more refined, a lot more…intelligent…than anything I ever thought stoned to oblivion.
Now instead of being high and seeing insights on TV shows or sitting and watching the world go by, I have insights reading books. Not like harlequin romance books, but real literature from throughout history and around the world. My knowledge base and skill set have grown substantially this year and it is an even better feeling than being high as fuck.
Will I ever smoke weed again? I do not know how to answer this. I won’t say no. I mean if you said to me that I had to make a choice right now that would dictate this for the rest of my life I would say no, I would never get high again. Not because I somehow think I will be healthier for it but because I…just don’t want to.
I don’t want to lose even a single precious day feeling sluggish and groggy. I don’t want to miss enjoying a sunrise or not feel like enjoying a book or skip cooking a meal because I was feeling lazy.
The verdict is that maybe I will, maybe I won’t but the desire to is simply gone. The interest has waned. Other things have become more enjoyable.
And there is a nagging little voice inside me that is scared of reverting to old habits. I don’t want to ever be again the person I was just a year ago.

No Processed Food

This by far is the most challenging. While many will believe that it is the abstention from alcohol that is the most difficult aspect of a year long journey like this I can tell you it is not. Eliminating processed foods from our diet in the western world is very hard and requires forethought mixed with a complete reallocation of your time.
It takes time to prepare all of your own food. From scratch. Sourcing ingredients, preparing them, cooking them, storing them, and learning how to enjoy them without the additives and sauces and pre-made spice packets takes time and effort. Something so many of us have completely lost is the basic ability to cook. This is then compounded by the loss of desire to cook and the complete fallacy that our society builds into us that we don’t have the time to cook.
Then we are forced to talk about flavour. Our pallets have been hijacked by chemists. What we think food tastes like is not what food actually tastes like, nay, what we think food tastes like is an enhanced version, distilled, accented, and concentrated to elicit extreme reactions from our physiology. When we then eat non-processed foods they tend to taste bland, to be less stimulating, to lack a visceral flavour. Add to this the lost art of cooking and it is not surprising that people opt for processed foods and tend to dislike like unprocessed foods.
What I noticed over the last year is that this can be fixed! Taking out processed foods at first can be challenging and you will think that you won’t enjoy it. But after a couple of months something happens, it is like your physiology resets itself, your taste buds wake up. Food suddenly tastes different.
I literally cannot explain to you the intense flavour of greek yogurt covered in berries with a drizzle of honey over it. You are probably thinking that is so boring, so mundane, so not as good as a piece of cake or a great piece of chocolate. All I can tell you is that you are so incredibly wrong. But the only way you’ll ever understand is to take out processed food.
This has been life changing.
I feel SO much better. More energetic, more interested in food, and it is all so much more satisfying. The thought of processed food now really turns me off. Fast food, 99% of restaurants, chips, chocolate, cookies, pastries, and so much of what we eat, just…no longer appeals to me. The idea of putting these things into my body is almost repulsive.
I have always considered myself a connoisseur of potato chips. Like, I actually love them. Thinking about them now actually increase my saliva flow (this is actually a brilliant example of how food has been chemically engineered to be addictive). But on January 1st, 2020 I won’t be rushing out to grab a bag of chips. Not because I am forcing myself to avoid them but because I don’t want to. There is no desire for them. Again, the idea of putting that into my body is slightly repulsive to me.
The question keeps popping up in my mind: why? Why do I want to put that into my body. I feel fantastic, I love the food I eat, I know this shit is not food, why? Why do I want to put it in my body? Are those few moments of chemically engineered pleasure really worth it? Will they truly improve my life? My health?
The answer is simple: no.
So then why? Why consume it?
After a year I can tell you this: your desires change, your mindset changes. Everything is different.

The Additions

I will spend less time here than I would like because frankly I know there is less interest. If you have any questions, send them my way!

15 Minutes a Day Min of Physical Activity

Every single day. No matter what. In this category I will include all the workouts and the training tools listed above as well. I did full workouts 3-4 days a week but daily added activity. Taking the dog out daily was always a guarantor of this as rain or shine, the German Shepherd needs time outside!
I added a few things to this Odyssey as time went on and one was the Turkish getup and pushup challenge. Everyday TGU’s and pushups. TGU’s one per side per day for the month that I was in (1/side/day in January, 2/side/day in February…12/side/day in December) and then double the number of the month daily in pushups. This wasn’t too bas the first part of the year but let me say that as I write this on New Year’s Eve I am pretty sick of doing TGU’s. More than 4800 for the year.
Does it ever feel awesome to have accomplished this, however! And it has helped restore my shoulders and back to optimal functioning! Bonus!
I am already planning the challenges for 2020 because I couldn’t imagine NOT having something like this to do. It is often a huge pain in the ass and there have been some late night Turkish getup sessions! But I didn’t miss a single day. Fuck yeah.

Weekly Inversion Training

I do love being upside down! And it is great training for your vestibular system and a few other great benefits. I developed some issues in my ankle from the foot holders on the inversion table so the second half of the year I more relied on headstands to be inverted and sometimes the table.
Obstacles always present themselves and forcing yourself into a commitment like the Odyssey is a brilliant way to teach yourself that all obstacles can be overcome with patience and diligence.

Daily Cold Exposure

This is an important one. Yes, I think adapting to the cold is beneficial and there is mounting evidence for this, however, that is by no means the true power of adding this.
Being cold builds fortitude. It is uncomfortable, it hurts, it can just plain suck. And that is the true power it has. To willing put yourself in an uncomfortable position and fucking handle it. You always come out the other side stronger and invigorated.
I live in Canada so the winter makes it easy. There is nothing so character building as standing naked outside in the snow in -20C and deep breathing to control your body. Trust me, I know!
The rest of the year cold showers work! Come on, it’s only one minute of your life. Turn off the hot water and go full cold. It sucks. It really does. But don’t think about it. Just breathe.
It has been awesome and I will continue to keep myself strong with purposeful cold training.

Prepare all Foods From Scratch

Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.

See above section on no processed food!
Not only is it healthier but it is so delicious. And learning to cook is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things I have ever done. I will continue on this journey as I have developed a strong passion for amateur chefing. And what a better way to take care of my health and my families health than to personally prepare all of the food we eat?

Intermittent Fasting

Everyone should be adding fasting to their lives. I wrote an extensive blog on the topic and the New England Journal of Medicine recently published an awesome review article of all the reasons why you should definitely be adding fasting to your life.
I east dinner. Usually around 630pm. Then around 9or 10pm I have something to eat. That is how I get all of my calories. Yes, I do not eat all day. No, I am never hungry. No, I do not have a recently developed eating disorder. No, I am not deprived. No, I would not ever change this.
I feel fantastic. Part of the journey was to have full days of eating during the year 20 times. I don’t like those days as much. I don’t feel as good, as sharp, as energetic. The days I fast all day I feel my absolute best.
I workout in the morning. Yep, no pre-workout meal, no post-workout shake. Horror of all horrors!!!! Lol. Amazing.
There is no fixation on food. I don’t have to prepare three meals a day plus snack. That is the eating pattern that leads to a fixation on food!!!! And when you get all your calories in a limited time window there is no room for crap food, for unhealthy snacks, for mindlessly filling time with stuffing shit in your mouth out of habit.
You eat well. You have to get adequate calories in limited space. Check my personal Instagram (taylorsimon_renaissanceman) if you want to see the terrible gross food I have been forced to consume the last year…
Fasting the one of the BEST things you can do for your health and everyone should incorporate it. I love how I eat now and would NEVER change that.

Fermented Foods Daily

Our microbiome is just beginning to be explored and is still very poorly understood. What we do know is that it is vital to our health in so many more ways than we ever imagined. It is imperative to our health that we nurture and support the thriving communities of bacteria that live in un and on us.
Fermented foods have been a staple in the human diet for all of human history and are very important in maintaining the health of our microbial communities. The western world has almost completely eliminated them from our diets and it is to the detriment of our health.
This year I have made my own sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, jun, fermented veggies and fruits, sourdough, water kefir, and yogurt. I am just getting started. Once you get into the wonderful flavours of all things fermented it just keeps sucking you in further. I love them.
I didn’t always. It has taken time but they really do become a staple of your diet. I will be diving even further into my fermenting journey!

One New Food or Recipe Weekly

My mother would have been SHOCKED by this. I have always been a very fussy eater. She literally wouldn’t know who I am anymore!
I eat mushrooms, fermented foods, mussels, octopus, cow tongue, cow heart, chicken hearts, any vegetable, and even more. Well, not tomatoes, I don’t know why, I just can’t.
This Odyssey has pushed me out of my comfort zone by having to experiment with foods and recipes. The modern western grocery store is filled with almost every food on earth and yet we eat a very narrow list of items. I eat so many more healthy foods now that I am pretty sure my body doesn’t even recognize who the hell I am anymore.

Seafood 3x Weekly

Done and done. I have eaten more fish and shellfish in the last year then in my entire life combined before that. It is good for us and while I love red meat I have always consumed too much of it!

Ethically Sourced Meat Only

This year I have purchased a ¼ cow and a half lamb from a local farm in addition to taking immaculate care as to where my meat comes from. This has been helped by my increased vegetable intake and increased seafood intake to be sure! I eat a lot less meat than I ever have.
This also led me to enact other changes like decreasing my use of plastics and purchasing compost bins. I can’t change the world myself but I will continue to strive to treat the world around me better.
And to only ever eat animals who have been treated well. This will continue for the rest of my life.

Journal Weekly

I actually journaled daily for the first three quarters of the year and then gradually fell down to every few days and then to weekly. Why? It became the same thing over and over again as every aspect of the Odyssey became habitual.
Keeping a journal is something that has been proven to make a positive impact on peoples lives and I am unsure how I will proceed with this in the future. My blogging and podcasts etc. act as a blog for me as well as the rest of my posting for work and for personal stuff (have you seen Heisenberg_gsd on Instagram yet??).
I am going to start focusing on more writing this upcoming year so most likely will not keep a journal as such but will be constantly getting my thoughts out in other ways!

Podcast Weekly

Done and done. Will continue through 2020.

Read at Least 20 Books

I read 68 by last count. Unofficially I missed my goal of 100 books. I got into a couple very dense and long books which took more time than I had allotted for them and I moved to a new home in July, which ate up an exorbitant amount of free time.
This didn’t include all the cookbooks, hunting and fishing manuals, podcasts, blogs, articles, and other forms of reading I did over the year.
Felt amazing to get back to being a voracious reader as the last many years I had not read much. As this year went on I began to devour literature at an increasing pace. In the last month I organically stopped watching most TV at night and replaced it with even more reading. A truly great trade off and something I just wanted to do versus forced myself.
The discovery of audiobooks also was a gift. I listen at 2x speed so can really get through books that are lese dense faster than I could physically read them.
I would like to read 100 books a year, however, I will see how 2020 goes. I intend to do a lot more writing and may have to do a tradeoff.

Meditate Daily

Meditation is good for you. That is what all the date says. I don’t care about it that much and don’t particularly enjoy it. I have done it and feel like it has more of an impact now than it did at the beginning, however my mind feels no more settled than it ever has during meditation. It wanders and flows and gaining any type of focus is extremely challenging for me!
I may or may not continue to develop this skill going forward. I recognize that it has only been a year of practicing something that can take a lifetime which leads me to believe I should continue to make the effort.
The jury is out still!

Learn One New Advanced Skill

I set out with one in mind but ended up doing a LOT more than I ever could have anticipated.
The violin was my skill of choice for the Odyssey. I started before I googled ‘what is the hardest instrument to learn to play’, finding that every single list was topped by this little beauty. I have been enjoying it immensely and will continue to take lessons and develop my skill. One day even enough to let people hear me play! Maybe…it is pretty fucking hard to learn.
As I learned the violin and continued guitar lessons and developed my cooking skills through courses, something unexpected happened.
I wanted to do more. I wanted to learn more. I became more efficient. My capacity to learn grew exponentially. My interests expanded. The things I needed to learn swelled.
I got my gun license, completed my hunting certification, bought a boat and fishing gear, built gardens and devoured literature about that, dramatically expanded my knowledge of human nutrition, changing my diet even more.
I stopped watching or reading the news filling my time instead with actual learning.
The more I took on the more I realized I could take on. It was an exhilarating rush that is still growing.
Who knows what I will be able to accomplish in the next year, in the next decade, in my life!

The Results

This is what everyone wants to know: did you lose weight?
I have no idea. I haven’t weighed myself in about 8 years and I never plan to again. What about before and after photos? Measurements? Body fat? I will say that the first few months I was doing before and after photos and somewhere around July I stopped. Realizing that this was just feeding into the same old tired mantra of the fitness industry I simply quit doing them. I do not regret it.
Yes, my clothes all started falling off of me. I have a new wardrobe. Does that make this all seem more interesting? If it does, please don’t bother with the undertaking. You have missed the point entirely.
My goal was to enter my 40’s in the healthiest state of my life. And I believe I have accomplished that.
I have no cravings any longer. Chips, chocolate, fast food, alcohol, marijuana, cookies, pastries…nothing. It is not that I think they are bad for me so I am going to try to keep them out of my life, I actually do not have any interest in any of those things any longer. I just don’t want them. When I really dial into it the thought occurs to me: why would I ingest that stuff? Does the brief hit of dopamine warrant the negative health effects? It just doesn’t.

I get so much happiness and joy from so many places now. There is so much satisfaction I derive from food, conversations, reading, gardening, sipping my tea, cooking, and a host of other activities. I don’t feel deprived or hard done by. I feel good.
No more sucking back bottles of tums, feeling like I am walking around in a daze, high blood pressure, poor bowel movements, lethargy, anxiety, mood swings. I feel awesome. Why would I do anything that would take away from feeling like this! Even for a day.
I learned more and experienced more in the last year than I have in the last many years. Learning the violin, the guitar, cooking skills, gardening, fishing, boat driving, photography, writing, and so, so much more.
Answering this is very difficult. I am not normal in this respect. When I commit to something I am unwavering. I think it comes from my grandfather who, smoking over a pack a day since he was nine years old, quit cold turkey at age 72. I believe I get my fortitude from him.
As I started feeling better and better, it simply became the way life is. It was never a sacrifice, I never found it hard. Because I had made the decision to do it. To commit. For me there was no alternative.
Making it easier for me is definitely my personality. I have never much cared what other thought of me and I have never been one to conform to societal norms or what was ‘expected’ of me. Not drinking at a party when everyone else does is easy for me. Always has been.

The best thing I can say here is that the hardest part for most people would be the societal pressure. It is amazing how unsupportive those around you can be. The sidelong looks when you don’t drink, the constant questions about why are you doing this vs. support for why you are doing this. It is remarkable how people want you to fail, to do all of the things that are really bad for us. They might not even realize they are doing it themselves but nonetheless they are.
Add to that the constant dialogue of people telling you how they could, or would, never do this. They would never give up their nightly glass of wine or chocolate, or cake on their birthday, or holiday baking. They would just NEVER do that. Why would you do that? This constant barrage of statements would be hard for most people I think. Constantly questioning why you are making these choice, wondering if you are missing out on something, losing friends and invitations to things.
You might find that hard.
In our modern world making the decisions that are truly best for our health requires an immense amount of fortitude. Maybe you could build it if you gave this journey a chance. I don’t know. I am not you.
What would I do? I would cut everyone out of my life that didn’t support and encourage me. Period.

Did It Change Me

How could it not? What would the purpose of all of this be if not to create some kind of change in my life?
This is where most people lose it. People start things with the intent of finishing them. This defeats the entire purpose and I believe sets you up for failure before you’ve even begun.

A year is the shortest amount of time to make a commitment that will lead to actual changes to your life.
Did this change me? Yes. It did. Although I have contemplated another perspective as well.
Did this year long Odyssey change me or did it allow the real me to emerge? Was I masking my potential though poor lifestyle habits, processed food, drugs, and mindless activity?
My belief is that of the latter. I think I have always been who I am now and the last many years have been a mask sublimating everything I had the potential to be.
Esotheric? Maybe. But it is the truth.
Yeah, this has been life altering. My life is better today than it was one year ago. Substantially.
I am happier, fitter, healthier, wiser, and more relaxed than I have ever been. I am more disciplined, more accomplished, more…better.

Where to Now?

Crossfit Kettle Bell with chalk and hands

It is an obvious question I have received numerous times in the last couple of weeks: what now? Will you keep doing this?
I get it. You are used to people making healthy lifestyle choices until they ‘reach their goal’ and then ‘stopping.’ That is the norm.
That is some fucked up shit.
Where to now? Onward and upward my friends.
I crave it. I want more of it. I want to see how far I can take this. What can I accomplish? What can I learn? What can I do? What skills can I acquire?
How good is it possible to feel?
If I feel this good right now, is there another level? Could I feel even better? Could I accomplish more? I didn’t think I could get to this place, I didn’t think I could be the person I am now. What else is out there that I haven’t discovered yet? I need to find out. I need to explore, practice, train, learn, push, experiment, discover.
What is next?
Learning. Practicing. Growing. Sharing. Teaching.
Much Love,
Coach Taylor

  1. Flo says:

    Fascinating reading. Your perspective and insight are bloody great

  2. Sofie Roberge says:

    I stopped following you in 2018. You know why? You looked like shit. No way this guy is real. You can’t look like that and be a health coach.
    Anyways, my point here being that even though you may not be interested in tracking physical evolution (before/after pictures, measurements etc) I can tell you that the physical transformation I have experienced from intermittent fasting (beyond dropping 20lbs) has been life changing. Clear skin and nails, so much more hair, no puffiness, reduction in fine lines. People say to me I look like I just got laid all the time. No more joint pain. Abdominal fat completely gone at 50. Dental health overhauled (no plaque ever), muscle definition. Skin tags gone. The list is so long…
    Your picture with the fish? Awesome. You have my attention again. That’s why I take pictures.

    • Taylor says:

      I don’t want your attention. You can unfollow me again. If you are primarily motivated by what people look like and what you look like I am not the right person for you to follow. My knowledge base is no better now than it was a year ago. My ability to coach is no better than it was a year ago. If you want to focus on appearance and looks go check out instagram – there will be a lot of ‘fitness’ people more up your alley. I HATE people who judge how good I am at my job by what I look like or what anyone looks like. You obviously do not understand ANYTHING I am trying to say.

  3. Sharon says:

    Excellent read-thank you. I do think of you and your journey often when making food and other health choices. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next article.

  4. Eileen McPherson Meinert says:

    Thanks for the support and encouragement you give by sharing your journey!

  5. Karen says:

    ….just brilliant, built on the podcast, thank you x

    • Mikhaila says:

      Hey Coach, just finished reading your summary about your odyssey and I am in awe of your commitment. I too fall prey to the typical gung-ho life overhaul and eventual give up like many people. Ultimately, the fault lies with me. It’s an inescapable fact. You can’t just have one cookie today, only one slice of pizza tomorrow and then one glass of wine on Friday…you..just..can’t. Not if one wants to feel/function/look their best. I know so many who knuckle down to lose weight because of an upcoming trip or event but then back to old habits and complaining.
      I agree there’s more detractors than supporters…when I first got a trainer, the number one comment was ‘you’re not gonna look like one of those muscle freakshow people are you?’…which made me laugh like crazy because 1. Doing muscle fitness shows is a whole different thing entirely. 2. It’s 2016…I cannot believe people still think that will happen if you lift weights and 3. What if I did have that intent? Who the fuck are you, sedentary and blurred by junk food, to mock me?
      I can tell you these truisms:
      1. My health failings are entirely my fault. I have free will, money enough to purchase my own groceries, and an able body to prepare and cook food
      2. Most friends and family are unsupportive, don’t let them derail need to be strong even when alone in your don’t need to lecture or hector anyone else either, just do you.
      3. Finding fitness activities that you love is key to continued commitment (I love weight training and playing squash-I’ll even get up out of a bedtime snuggle with my daughter to drive 20 mins in the snow at night to play my match)
      4. Active, purposeful change, is grossly hard. But change is inevitable, and changes to one’s health will change because of conscious healthy changes or because of absolutely no healthy changes. This is the hardest thing to wrap minds around. Our bodies age and have different requirements yet our minds are lulling about thinking they’re 25-ish and we keep habits from our youth loooooong after we should because “it’s never been a problem before” or “I’ve always done this”..etc. Our unyielding belief that we can keep on keeping on is killing us (I fight this particular demon every damn day).
      I do have two questions about your ‘additions’ however, advantages to cold therapy and inversion. Not common recommendations, and what restrictions are there for individuals with preexisting health conditions, like HBP?
      I truly enjoy your musings, experiments, your workout tips and rants (maybe especially the rants!) and I hope you continue to forge ahead, it’s a relief to hear thoughts like yours, delivered in your unique way when one is constantly bombarded with ridiculousness from well meaning friends, overzealous trainers, and ten cent fitness “articles” that pepper everyone’s online life.

      • Taylor says:

        Super appreciate you sharing and def think we align in our thoughts!!!!!
        Inversion – if someone has HBP I would be very hesitant to pursue it. Benefits – vestibular system training, general decompression of the body, its kinda fun.
        Cold – at the moment a lot is anecdotal – however check our Wim Hof….he is the ‘ice man’ and is leading this charge. He has a good interview on a recent podcast called Impact Theory with Tom Bilue (also just a good podcast to check out)
        –> there is starting to be research done and some interesting results with cold and boosting the immune system.
        –> I think the psychological benefit is the biggest thing! Making yourself uncomfortable and having to endure something….it makes us more resilient and more powerful…psychologically tougher.
        –> it is super fucking invigorating and you really do feel awesome after!

  6. Eric says:

    Good read man . Both were interesting.

  7. Eric says:

    thanks for putting out all the information and sharing your journey man it is inspirational .

  8. Kim Swendt says:

    Just what I needed to read today, January 1, 2020! You’ve given me direction and inspiration. I’m also listening to Atomic Habits today as you advised in your recent podcast. Thank you! And thank you to my sister, Jill, who sent me this article because she loves me!

  9. Thank you for writing about local food. I am beginning to learn how important this is, in so many aspects of our lives. The food is fresher, you know where it comes from, economically helps your community and is tied closely to liberty and freedom. I don’t know Canadian laws on farming and selling but in the US is actually quite restrictive for small farmers. About 100 years ago we did not have grocery stores, this is a very short time to loose so much knowledge about the reality of securing our food.
    What were your favorite books?

    • Taylor says:

      I am not sure about the local farm regulations here….might be something interesting to check out! I know in the US they make it restrictive to protect large industries, which is scary!!!
      I am going to publish my book list today and highlight some favs!!! I think my top read of the year was a novel called: A Man Named Ove

  10. Sharon Brooks says:

    Thanks for this! Loved the read…. all of it. Have you heard of the guy who. Has run on the beach every day for years? I believe he’s in south beach and he’s referred to as the Raven. A motivational speaker, Darren Daily has talked about him. When a commitment feels so good, why stop just because the arbitrary deadline or goal date has come and gone? Keep it up!!

  11. Carol Pearson Switzer says:

    I loved this post!!! Thanks for being so generous in sharing your experience! It is motivating to me to continue making the healthy changes I need going forward.

  12. jarka says:

    Coach thank you, for me, this is the best article on your blog. It is basically a blueprint how to live. Your changes are definitely worth following. Even one change at a time makes sense to me.

    • Taylor says:

      🙂 🙂 I like that…a blueprint how to live!!!! Thanks for the message and yes….every little thing adds up over time!

  13. Renate Botros says:

    Quite a feat of courage to lay your old habits bare to show the chañges possible. Keep your advising up, 13,168.00 people are interested and reading your writing, you seem to be noticed, changes will come. Thanks for caring.

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