Fit for the Holidays

I get it…the holidays are busy and for a lot of people very stressful. Add to this the plethora of indulgent food and you have a recipe for poor health choices and entering the new year worse off than you are right now.

Do you know what one of the best ways to combat stress is? Exercise!
For most of you finding the time is a huge challenge but do not fear! Coach Taylor has your back!
I will be publishing a Fit for the Holidays training program. A series of workouts designed to keep you strong, fit, at least partially sane for the month of December.
What: Workouts that can be done with minimal to no equipment that are 10-15 minutes long.
They will be all you need to keep strong, get a great cardiovascular workout, and de-stress!
You do not NEED equipment for these workouts, however, if you have a jump rope and a kettlebell you will really be able to maximize the program!
Where: All will be posted in my online training platform,

How: Signup for one month of my online platform and have full access to the Fit for the Holidays training program.

As an added bonus you will also get access to all of the other training programs I am currently running, so if you do have a day with a little bit more time you can give one of my full training sessions a go!
Want more information?
Contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or email me via my Evolution Online Fitness or Coach Taylor website!
Look forward to training you this holiday season!

  1. Diane Hudson says:

    Enjoy your holiday too!

  2. David Conn says:

    Thanks. You “are” appreciated. Merry Christmas

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