The Secret Exercise to Drop Fat and Boost Performance

Something I have seen time and time again throughout my training career is the idea that a specific exercise, training tool, shoe, article of clothing, or type of food is in any way related to fitness success or sports performance.

Recently, one of the awesome members at my brick and mortar fitness studio returned from a game of golf with family. She doesn’t golf often so it was a surprise to her fellow players when her drives kicked them all in the face. Instantly the questions began,
“What have you been doing to increase your distance so much?,” “how are you getting your hips to move so well?”

The million dollar questions!
Attentively they all eagerly awaited the secret in hope of replicating the same thing for themselves. My client did her best and after years of training with us suggested some exercises that we do on a regular basis that seemingly relate directly to the improved skills. Her intentions and heart were in the right place even if the advice was somewhat misguided.
I don’t believe even she knows the real reasons for her newly acquired skills of envy and in reality that is why she hired us!
This situation plays out time and time again on golf courses, soccer fields, at dinner parties, and any other gatherings every single day. Maybe it isn’t about golf.

‘You’ve lost weight, what’s your secret?’
‘You are so strong, what’s your secret?’
‘You look amazing, what’s your secret?’
‘You are so much faster now, what’s your secret?’

That is what everyone wants, right? That’s secret. What new super food did you begin eating to shed fat? What exercise did you do that made you improve so much? What equipment did you buy? What shoes did you buy? Is it that new moisture wicking fabric?

Usually at this point the person coughs up a couple of things and the interrogator rushes out with credit card in hand eager to acquire their new secret weapon, or they instantly start doing whatever new exercise they have been promised will lead them to ultimate glory.
Within a week it’s over.
The new product is either still in the package or was tried twice before beginning its new life as a collector of dust. While the exercise seems promising, the week just got way too busy and they didn’t get a chance to try it. And really, it is kind of complicated and they already have a program that they saw online once from a insta coach and they are already pretty close to giving that a try and don’t want to mess that up with this exercise that doesn’t seem to really fit into that program…
And just like that it is over.
There is the odd exception, however, where someone really does take it to heart and uses their new product, consumes the new super food, and really does the exercises everyday. This person is in for a real moment of heartache when they realize that after 4 weeks of adhering to the secrets nothing has changed. I mean, they have this new pain in their lower back, their grocery budget is higher, and their new fancy product looks well used, but they don’t feel any different, or look any different, and they certainly aren’t faster or driving a ball further.
What the fuck.
They tried so hard for like, a whole few days and spent all this money.

Time and time again, over and over and over the story goes. Honestly, the number of times I have seen this happen would be impossible to count but if I was paid for each one I would be writing this article on a beach in Zanzibar.
Why is this such an epic fail? Why does what works for my client NOT work for you?
The real secret is…
There is no secret. There is not single thing. There is no fast answer. Never. Ever. Ever. Never.
That athlete hawking those fancy shoes? Their success didn’t come from their footwear. Their success came from years, decades, of diligent training, epic failures, world class coaching, and competitive experience.
That super food didn’t do anything. My client has put in countless hours being diligent about eating a real food diet, avoiding excess, minimizing poor food choices, and listening to my advice. Yes, they add in the super food because it IS healthy. But it is actually the generally most of the time healthy food choices over many months that is creating the result you are lusting after with envious eyes.
That exercise is doing nothing. I mean, it is doing something, in conjunction with all the other exercises my client does. While she adheres to a comprehensive program designed by professionals with the goal of increasing overall mobility, strength, and movement. Is that exercise pertinent to the new found skill you are seeing? Yes, yes it is. But it is a part of an overall program. In and of itself it is completely useless for fat loss or making you stronger or move better or perform better.
This is the cold, hard, truth, because that is the only thing I know how to deliver.
There is no secret.
There is no super food, no amazing product or article of clothing, or any one single exercise that is going to smash your performance through the roof or drop your body fat percentage.
Everything always, ALWAYS, comes down to one thing and one thing only.
So, maybe there actually is a secret?
Then this is it: Regular, consistent exercise and healthy nutritional habits over long periods of time.
The cold, hard, secret.
-Coach Taylor

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  1. Sandra says:

    Always appreciate the truth bombs!

  2. ALICE HOWELL says:

    Such great advice. Your voice is so important! Thank you.

  3. David Keenan says:

    Hi Coach,
    Warmest greetings from highland Mexico. I agree with this article so much. Do. The. Work. Get. The. Benefit.

  4. Karen Murray says:

    another beaut of an article…keep em coming!

  5. Ben says:

    Why did u have to inude the unprofessional “wtf”? How did that add anything meaningful to your article?

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