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For anyone who is not aware, I thought I would share my new Coach Taylor TV videos.
Here are the first two episodes!! Hope the new format is helpful and that I am answering questions that provide everyone with solid information that helps with your fitness goals.
I will be basing this show around questions from viewers – so if there is anything pressing you would like to have me answer or simply get my opinion on – reach out!
Email, twitter, facebook, and commenting on here or youtube are all easy ways to get your questions to me!!!

Coach Taylor TV – Ep. 01
-what does it take to get abs
-what are the best ab exercises
-how often should you workout
-how much cardio vs. strength training should you be doing
-why do you need to train if you’re already lean

Coach Taylor TV – Episode 2
What awesomeness did we cover in this episode?
*Baby GOT BACK – how Sir Mix-a-Lot figured out fitness 23 years ago!
*Are crunches bad for you?
*Should you do full body workouts or split your workouts into separate body parts?
*What is the best time of day to workout?
*What is the best warm-up on earth? Is 5 minutes on the treadmill the best way to warm-up?

Again – send your questions or comments my way!!!!! I am here to give you the information you want to help with your fitness goals!!!
-Coach Taylor

  1. Dave Conn says:

    I like the Coach Taylor TV videos. It seems to really make it clear as to the “why”. So many fitness people just say “do it-I’ve researched it. Trust me.” I trust you or I wouldn’t be listening/ watching, but it’s nice to know why you believe what you are recommending.

  2. Nice job! Always good to see people in the industry helping others to reach their goals. And video is a good way to do that!

  3. Sharon says:

    Enjoyed the whole video, especially these part”Should i do full body workouts or split your workouts into separate body parts

  4. Nikki Rockwell says:

    I really love how blunt you are! It’s really refreshing to see someone who finally doesn’t sugar coat everything when it comes to fitness. I do however have a question. Over the last year I’ve lost 40 pounds but now I’m struggling to loose my last 20. Do you have any advise on loosing my last 20 pounds?

  5. Hello, vary informative video. Just enjoy full parts of video. specially “how much cardio vs. strength training should you be doing”

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