It's Not Your Program – It's You

This might come across a little harsh and I would like to say that I am sorry about that – but I’m not.
The fact is that when you are working with great fitness professionals and you are not getting results the problem isn’t with with the program – the problem is with you.
Yes – with you.   
I am going to use my fitness facility as the example here. This way I know that what I am talking about it true. We only build and offer our members world class programing based on the most cutting edge research and practices within the fitness world. We don’t build some programs better than others. One member isn’t on a pretty good program while another member is on an AWESOME program. We don’t hold out the good stuff for members who pay more or have been with us longer.
No, all of our programs are custom designed to the specific individual to maximize their results.
Our group training classes are an even better example of what I am talking about. Everyone does the same workout. There is no difference between programming for group coaching participants – instead we build wicked programs that kick everyones ass.
Why then do some people get better results than others? Why do I hear people bemoan on a regular basis how they aren’t happy with their results and wish they could get results like (insert someone else’s name here). If the programming calibre is the same across the board, then what is it? What is the differentiating factor between people following a fitness program?
The answer is that it is you. It is the individual. It is about how much you put into it.
The people who are getting the best results are the people who work the hardest. Who do the last rep. Who put in the extra effort. Who don’t try and slowly move between sets to get a little extra rest. Who don’t whine and cry that it’s hard and their muscles hurt.
I see it everyday. People on the same program getting vastly different results. I watch those people and see the difference in intensity levels that they put out. And believe me, there is a huge difference. Just showing up to the gym doesn’t mean you did a workout. Just because you go through the motions and ‘do’ the workout doesn’t mean you DO the workout.
There is a huge difference between doing your workout to get through it and doing your workout with purpose. With intent. You have to WANT to work hard. You have to sweat. You have to sacrifice. You have to hurt. You have to get out of you comfort zone. Plain and simple – you will get out of it what you put into it.
So the next time you are looking at someone and thinking how you just wish you could get the results they seem to achieving you have to realize that it is not their program that is getting their results. THEY are getting their results. Period. They are busting their ass and putting in the effort, in and out of the gym.
Every single time I watch people not achieve the results they want I also see that they aren’t really working that hard. They half ass reps, they ‘mostly’ follow their diet, and they ‘almost never’ miss their workouts.
Want their results? Do their work. It is all about what you are willing to put into it.

  1. i dont think your an asshole i think u r straight to the point honest and hell i know exactly where u are coming from i was fat all my life at 41 and a heart attack later i said thats enough and lost 300 lbs i. Three years i wirk out five days a week eat right active and yes every sunday is a cheat day but not an over enduldge day ! I pat u on the back for saying the FUCKING TRUTH good for you i once was that fat person and until u stop making excuses u will still be fat

  2. Debbie Freedman says:

    I have no problem with anything you have to say. Love it. My husband and I are the same way. Much of our society expects everything to come easy, there’s a very low work ethic, which carries over into general lifestyle. LAZY, UNMOTIVATED, AND WANT INSTANT GRATIFICATION WITHOUT EARNING IT. You are s
    traightforward, and to the point! Excuses are like a-holes…everybody’s got one! Get it done or quit bitching, simple 🙂

  3. I have trained thousands of clients over the years, I have used these exact same statements. You are right on BROTHER!
    Right on!

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