Strength Training Is Dangerous

This is one of my favourite myths in the exercise world. Strength training is dangerous. Why? Where did you get this information from?
You can hurt yourself. Obviously! You can hurt yourself driving, cutting vegetables, walking down stairs, waterskiing, getting out of the shower. Pretty sure I could extend that list indefinitely.
I am not sure when going to the gym became one of the more dangerous activities on earth that was simply too dangerous to do without qualified supervision. But somewhere along the way this is exactly what happened.
This isn’t to say good coaching is irrelevant or you aren’t increasing your chances of getting hurt by going it alone. You will definitely have better results and less chance of getting hurt if you work with an experienced, educated, and certified fitness coach, just as having a pro chef teach you to cook will give you better odds at not slicing off a finger when preparing a meal that people actually want to eat.
When we talk about lifting weights, however, people freak out! Let’s look at the numbers. You are far more likely to injure yourself playing a pickup sport (ie. Baseball league or other weekend physical activity or even that fun game of staff volleyball once a year) than you are lifting weights. The epidemiological research shows this.
Yet no one thinks it is a bad idea to go play a sport. Or how about starting to run? Everyone thinks that is a good way to start a fitness program. Even though running is essentially an extremely high rep plyometric activity with 2-3x additional force going through your joints, usually with bad technique, poor footwear, and no coaching or program guidelines. Baseball? When you run and make a cutting motion (change direction suddenly – like rounding the bases…) you can increase forces through the joints up to 8x bodyweight with the addition of all sorts of other multi-directional forces. Injury risk is a little higher on that then a controlled squat with less than your bodyweight with one direction of force?
Interesting when you look at it like that.
Here is the thing – you aren’t anymore likely to hurt yourself lifting weights than you are doing any other activity in your life. There are a multitude of benefits you will get from strength training, more than from walking down the stairs.
As with anything else a good coach will make the risks even lower and will increase your success exponentially. It is rare the weights cause the injury for most people. The benefits far outweigh the risks. If you can run or play sports you can lift weights. Period.

  1. CoolHand says:

    HAHA – I get this when someone tells me running is dangerous. I think anything is dangerous if not approached responsibly. Have you guys every thought of an East End studio, I think there would be a good market out there? Anyhow, I enjoy the emails/blogs.
    Take care,

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