The Stupid Shit People Do when it comes to Fitness.

The Stupid Shit People Do With Their Fitness
I don’t get it. Seriously, I am often baffled and confused by all of you.
What are you thinking half the time? Or maybe that is the problem, none of you are thinking. You’re simply wondering around doing whatever someone tells you. Or maybe you are more visual so whatever pretty picture or article piques your interest is what grafts itself into your thought process.
Oooohhh – shiny. Must be right. Flashing lights? Oh my god, this must be THE BEST ONE!
What am I talking about?
I am talking about fitness advice. Granted most of you reading this have found a good source of information, yet you still baffle me sometimes.
I have a client, if he reads this he will know who he is. After 3 years of training comes in and tells me he can’t lift weights anymore it isn’t good for him. My reaction? Moderately baffled. I ask why. Apparently he was at the grocery store and got talking to a random lady while they were both purchasing apples and she said that too much weight training isn’t good for you.
I am not joking. Three years training with me and 30 seconds with apple lady and suddenly strength training is bad for you. WTF?
I actually have about a million stories about this but I need to get on to my rant. Maybe I should write a book of fitness stories.
What don’t I get? Why do you listen to people about something as complex as your health who don’t know the difference between a protein and a carbohydrate or between a clavicle and a scapula? Really?
Here is what I see everyday:
Someone goes to the local running store and the person selling them shoes tells them they need shoes. They need extra support because of this issue or that issue that they found during their ‘assessment’ in the store. So you have to have this pair of shoes and this upgraded support. No fucking kidding! They are trying to sell you shoes. Did you even look at the sign on the door before you walked in? Did you expect them to NOT sell you shoes?
How about the ‘health food store’? Guys – supplement stores are NOT health food stores. They are retail sales establishments attempting to exchange a product they sell for the money in your bank account. They aren’t trying to better your health. 99% of the people working there have no idea what they are talking about. They aren’t trained in health and fitness. THEY ARE TRAINED IN SALES. Their job and pay is based on how much they sell you.
Fitness stores are my favourite. Often the staff  aren’t even in shape. Of course the newest elliptical is the best, they want to sell it to you. And that huge machine that has 800 exercises built into one curved bar with 2 cables attached? Best thing for your body, here let me show you all the versions of a bicep curl you can do.
Seriously?  Just think about it a little bit. You are going to retail stores and dealing with retail sales clerks- I know, I was one. They are trained in sales techniques to sell you product. Yes, they are taught the keywords to make it sound like they know what they are talking about.
Why are you letting sales staff build you diet plans? Build you fitness programs? Give you training advice?
What training, education, or experience do they  have to be doing that? NONE! Yes, they might workout, they might run, they might eat well. This DOES NOT QUALIFY them to dole out advice. And you shouldn’t be taking it from them.
They are retail sales people. Would you walk into a clothing store in the mall or outlet center and take fitness advice from them?
IT’S THE SAME PEOPLE WORKING AT THE OTHER PLACES AS WELL! Literally, when I worked at one of the largest supplement store franchises, we would try to hire retail clothing staff because they were great at selling.
Get your health and fitness advice from health and fitness professionals. Not sales staff.

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