Women – Lift Heavy and Hard!!!

I am not going to go over again the fact that women should be lifting big heavy weights. I have beaten that subject to death. Yet it just doesn’t seem to be having much of an effect on the general attitudes of women out there.
So maybe I will just rant about this a little. I guess the more times people hear a message the more likely they will remember it. I’m going to present some concrete examples, however, to illustrate that what I am saying actually happens in real life!
The issue of how much weight women should be lifting has been debated for decades. Unfortunately, the recommendations have not changed in the last few decades even though training techniques and our knowledge base has changed substantially.
Women – you want the lean, tight, low body fat, look hot in a bikini look, right? You don’t want to be fat and squishy, sitting in a baggy t-shirt so no one realizes you are fat and squishy (news flash – you are not fooling anyone). You also don’t want the other side of the spectrum. Women don’t want to look like a man – big muscular physique, hairy body, goatee, and excess body odour.
So how to you achieve the lean, fit, feminine look?
Traditional training methodology would recommend aerobics. Hit the treadmill and the elliptical. It would also recommend some weight training – light weight and high rep. Make sure to train just the arms and shoulders. If you are going to do anything for the legs do not add weight. In essence – do everything possible to prevent ‘bulking up’.
This is 2011. Times have changed. We know things now what we didn’t know in the 80’s and while Richard Simmons is still going strong, motivating the masses, his style of training is no longer applicable.
Yes, I have been preaching this for a long time. Women you are not going to get big and bulky lifting weights, lifting heavy weights. And all you ladies out there about to tell me that you are the sole exception to this rule do me a favour – go train with someone else, I do not have the time to explain to you yet again that this is just not reality. Well, unless you stuffed a tub of ice cream down your throat because you felt so good that you actually did a workout.
All that aside, let’s talks about modern training. About what you have to do to get lean, strong, and fit.
Lift weight. Heavy weight. Big compound body part exercises. Bench press, squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, lunges, rows.  Next learn and incorporate Olympic lifting and powerlifting. Then step over to the heavy ropes, pick up the sledge hammer and pound the tire, hook yourself up to the sled and drag it loaded across pavement. You want cardio? Throw in a jump rope or grab the boxing gloves and unload on the heavy bag.
Quick note. I have been teaching this exact style of workout now for almost 10 years. Why do I bring this up? Because I am about to show you something wicked.
Have you been to the movies recently?   Next time you’re at the movies, check ‘Sucker Punch’. We saw it last weekend, thought it was awesome, but not your typical Hollywood flick.
I want you to spend the majority of the movie checking out the female cast. Stare at them and watch every move they make. What you will see are four women in fantastic shape. I doubt there is a woman out there who would not want to have a similar body type to these actresses and I doubt there is a man out there who will mind this assignment.
Why do I want you to do this? Because I am about to show you how they train.
Check this video link (it is worth watching the whole 5 minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7leHv3d11E
What did you see? Look over the exercise list I recommended above, do they look similar? DO you see some crossover?
Yet these actresses don’t appear too big or bulky. They aren’t muscle bound.
Just sayin’.
Lastly, some of you are probably thinking that it is just because they are young, or simply that you are too old and this style of training will not work for you. I won’t get too much into this. You’re wrong. Don’t believe me? Fine. Go train however you like.
Lift heavy, lift hard, lift fast, and hit stuff. Then strip down naked and enjoy.

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