Rant of the Year (I know, it's only February)

Yes, some of you are going to get a little offended here, and probably some might find what I am about to say hits a little close to home. Warning: I won’t be holding back.
Where do you live? In a house probably. You probably have heat, clothes, water, a car, food in the fridge and stocked in the cupboards. You can walk out your door and feel safe going around town, walking to work, sitting in school, which by the way is another perk we all have here in Canada, access to school. You can travel to other countries, other towns, other provinces anytime you want. We are free to live our lives. You’re reading this so you have access to the internet, which leads me to believe you may also have access to TV, cell phones, and other non-essential perks. That is Canada. We live in Canada. We should fall down and thank whomever or whatever you believe in, every single day. In addition to this, the majority of you reading this have your health. Drop your entire bullshit pretense about fat and appearance here for a minute. You have your health. Two arms, two legs, you can breathe, no diseases, you can read so your eyes are functional and you can hear our YouTube clips so your hearing is OK. And if any of this goes wrong you have access to FREE health care. And not some dingy, dirty, unlicensed quack in the backroom of a bar style healthcare. FREE access to some of the best doctors, equipment, drugs, and medicine in the entire world. Are you on your knees now thanking someone or something or at least your parents for the opportunity you have been gifted? And yet, I spend at least a part of my day, everyday, for the last ten years, listening to some half-baked, bullshit excuse as to why people are so unhappy and unable to achieve their fitness results.
I cannot describe to you how angry this makes me. My blood is boiling just writing this.
When someone complains to me that they just don’t have time, they have too many obligations, they are too busy, they hate working out, and blah blah blah. The list goes on.
But all these are just excuses. Excuses so that people don’t have to face the fact that they are simply lazy, unmotivated, slobs who don’t care about themselves or those around them.
Feather’s riled yet? I don’t really care.
Parents, when you whine and moan that you can’t exercise because you don’t have time or you’re too busy with your kids’ activities to take care of yourself I feel you need a time machine. You should go 20 years in the future when your health is so poor and your mobility is so bad that your kids now spend their days taking care of you and see what everyone’s quality of life has become. Maybe they will become a nurse or doctor so at least they can help you inject all your meds. That is assuming they are fit and healthy enough to help out after the oh so wonderful example you have given them of how to take care of yourself as an adult.
Parents, not taking care of your health are abuse to yourself and your children.
Students, get over it. You’re a student. You pay tuition and can’t work much. I know, I have been there. And guess what? 10 years later I still have to budget the money I have. And time? For real? You don’t know what busy is yet. Sit there and be offended, I can’t convince you otherwise. You will see. You have more time to blow than you ever will again.
Students have the need to moan constantly for student rates. No. You don’t seem to have problems getting hammered on the weekends or taking spring break trips. What you need is to prioritize your fitness. Because I train single moms working full time and raising two kids – they deserve a discount way more than you do.
Not a parent or a student? Then really, what the hell do you have to complain about? If you have somewhere to live, access to transportation, a job, and access to the internet (as in you are reading this) you have no reason in the world to skip exercising. For real, stop being a whiny, stupid idiot and take care of your body and health. I do not want to be paying your health bills in 20 years after I have dedicated my life to keeping fit.
They are all excuses. It’s placing the blame on external sources so you don’t have to feel bad and upset about the fact that you are lazy, unmotivated, and unable to care for yourself.
And this boils my blood. It drives me crazy.
I am so sick of the excuses and the whining bullshit that so many people feel the need to spew out of their mouths after a weekend of drinking and eating shit. Stop it. Take it somewhere else, away from me.
If you think this is harsh and I am way off base I accept that. Have any opinion you want, I have mine. But there is one thing I want you to do.
Go spend some time with physically challenged athletes. I do. I am currently working with some of Canada’s Paralympics swimming hopefuls to prep them for the 2012 games in London.
Here is what I have seen. These athletes have physical limitations that most of you would consider severe. They are limited in their work and career options, they require assistance from others all the time to maintain what we call a ‘normal life’. They have mobility issues to deal with that you take for granted every day.
Know what else you will see? A group of the most dedicated and awesome athletes on the planet. They don’t see any limitations. They are thankful for what they have and do everything they have to do in order to achieve success (and not just looking good in a bathing suit).  No, these awesome athletes compete in the Olympics. Think about that the next time you’re just too tired after a hard day to get a workout in.
And remember my point above, about where we live, Canada. I fully believe all of us should spend time working in a third world country to truly appreciate what we have. I would like to see you go to Haiti, or Somalia, or Afghanistan and complain to the people there that you are fat and out of shape because you just couldn’t help yourself when the bag of cookies presented itself at your house, with electricity, running water, and every other amenity a person could have. I dare you to complain to them that you are too tired to take care of your health because you are just too tired to do a workout or you just don’t like getting up at 6am.
I dare you.
Yeah, life will always fling shit at you. Stuff will always happen. There will always be something you could bitch about. It then becomes your choice of how you deal with it. Whine, moan, and grumble about how unfair everything is, OR see it as an opportunity to grow and get stronger, to make your life and the lives around you better than they were before.
You are truly one of the luckiest human beings in the history of human beings. Don’t ever forget that. And most of all, don’t ever take that for granted again.

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