A Conversation With Goodlife

I have had a lot of people talking to me about using a TRX at their local Goodlife Fitness facility. Their problem is that the clubs won’t allow them to use a TRX unless they complete a paid 6 week TRX program. Even if you own a TRX, you are not allowed to take it into the gym unless it is under the supervision of a TRX certified personal trainer.
I wanted to find out what the actual policy was and what the reasoning behind this policy was.
Here is a recent conversation I had on Twitter with Goodlife (to see all the links just check my Twitter feed where they are still live) in an attempt to get to the bottom of the TRX issue.
Tr_simon @GoodLifeFitness finally got TRX and now decided to pull the usual big gym stuff and force members to pay for it – unexpected, no – too bad
Ok, I could have been less subtle I guess…Their response?
@TR_Simon TRX Team Training is a way to make personalized training services accessible to Members who might not be able to afford a PT
@TR_Simon 6 week program includes baseline testing, progress tracking, coaching & guidance on proper technique /cc @Steveatgoodlife
@TR_Simon If interested in what sets our TRX Team Training apart from simply having equipment available, please read http://bit.ly/h0FfWZ
 At this point I am checking links and finding nothing really useful other than marketing to get me to the club, so yes, figured I would get some more details, hence I responded with the most pressing issue that people have been complaining about to me – they want to use their own TRX units at the gym they pay money to be a member at, which isn’t an illogical thing to ask.
Tr_simon @GoodLifeFitness thanks for reply – why won’t you allow members who own their own unit to use it as part of their workout in the gym?
And the Goodlife response?
@TR_Simon Their own TRX unit, you mean?
Tr_simon @GoodLifeFitness yes
@TR_Simon First and foremost, we want our Members to be safe. The safest way is for our members to get proper instruction on a piece of equipment that could cause injury. If there are exceptions to Members who have been trained on TRX previously, we are asking them to discuss their options with the Fitness Managers at the club.
Since this conversation I have spoken with members at various clubs who have been told that they will not be allowed to bring in their own TRX unit.
I do think proper instruction is important, however and applaud a big gym for caring about members when using “a piece of equipment that could cause injury.” I think anyone paying fitness facilities money should get instruction on how to use any equipment that could cause injury. Especially one as readily available as the TRX, which can be purchased online, at fitness stores, conferences, and via many other sources, including pre-printed programs etc.
So I wanted to continue the conversation and applaud Goodlife for offering such service to their members.
Tr_simon @GoodLifeFitness thanks for taking time to respond, have many clients asking, good to know you take such precautions with all your members, I am assuming that you also then require all your members to get adequate training with barbells, dumbbells, stability balls etc. as they are just as complex to master and have higher injury risk
To which Goodlife replied…oh, wait. They never replied to that. Hmmm…not sure why? So I also sent a tweet to a Goodlife VP I follow.
Tr_simon @SteveatGoodLife why did Goodlife decide to make @trx_fitness only available with a trainer or with extra fee program?
 I received no reply. Maybe I had been black listed by this point, I have no idea.
There it is: My conversation with Goodlife. Why did I write them? Did I know the response? Yes, obviously. What is more surprising to me, however, is how many people wouldn’t expect that response.
Let’s just be honest, the purpose of restricting members access to the TRX is simply to create a source of revenue from members and create a selling feature to purchase additional training. And I am okay with that. Businesses exist to make money and you have to make sales to make money. Bringing in a popular piece of equipment and charging extra for it is a great way to increase the amount of money you make from current members.
My problem is when those in the health industry pretend it is in the interests of safety and health that access is restricted to additional services. The TRX is probably one of the safest and easiest to use pieces of fitness equipment on the market. I know I have been using them for over three and a half years. On the other hand weight machines, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and stability balls all require some formal instruction to ensure people use this equipment safely and effectively.
So if your argument is that you want to keep people safe and healthy then access to dumbbells, barbells, stability balls, weight machines and kettlebells should all be restricted to those getting special instructions as well. I have seen more people hurt doing barbell squats than I have seen get hurt doing TRX squats.
It’s okay to want to make a profit. But let’s call it what it is. A revenue source, not an effort to ensure the health and safety of the members.

  1. Laura1 says:

    A few additional comments from someone who has worked out at Goodlife & Taylored training. Goodlife is out to make money as any company is. They are not concerned about client satisfaction, as long as they are withdrawing your money every two weeks that’s all that matters. The gym is set up for mostly treadmill use. They have very little room for weights or working out. They do not inform you when you register that certain areas are for personal training only. They very little floor space they did provide for stretching or doing squats, etc is now a TRX zone to be occupied by TRX paying clientele only. Don’t pay extra for any personal training sessions at Goodlife, they are a joke if you have ever experienced a work out with Whitney.

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