Weekends Will Ruin Your Fitness

Here is something that really gets under my skin. And I hear it all the time.
People frustrated with their fitness results. Frustrated because they aren’t dropping the inches or putting on solid muscle as quickly as they want to.
So I ask them how their nutrition is going.
Fine, they say. Well, fine most of the time. The weekdays are good but they just can’t seem to keep things healthy on the weekend.
Yet they expect to be getting results, they expect to be hitting their fitness goals.
Here is some simple math. 7 days in a week. Assuming you don’t follow your nutrition on the weekend we can say Saturday and Sunday are shot. Let’s be honest though, you probably get a little slack on Friday night as well. So we will say 2 and a half days a week you aren’t following your nutrition program.
2.5/7 = 36%.
This means that 36% of the week you are not following a healthy nutrition program.
Or stated another way, you are only actually following your nutrition program 64% of the time.
How the hell do you expect to achieve any kind of success if you are only following your nutrition guidelines 64% of the time? No wonder you’re stalled. That’s barely a passing grade in school. If your kids came home pulling 64% in their lives how proud of them would you be? Yet this is what you’re teaching them is OK.
You want results? You need to be perfect. If you are not perfect you will not get perfect results. Your results will decrease in direct proportion to how dedicated you are.
You don’t want to do the work? Shut the hell up and stop bitching about it then. Go gripe to someone who likes pacifying people whining about the fact they are undedicated and lazy. When you put in the work you will get the results. If you put in the work and don’t get the results then you can whine to me. I will fix it for you.
Follow your nutrition 64% of the time and get 64% of the results you want.
Isn’t math awesome?

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