Why Can't People Just Do It?

Is it a fear of failure? Do people just really truly think they cannot accomplish things? Maybe that they are not worth it, or that they may be incapable?
I get so sick of constantly having to convince people that they actually can achieve things!
And the fitness business doesn’t seem to want to help. We set goals for people so low that we barely affect their fitness level. And why does the fitness biz do this? Time after time I am told it is because we have to seem nice, and welcoming, and encouraging. We don’t want to scare people off. We don’t want to make things too hard for them.
Here is some life advice: life isn’t easy. Anyone that told you so is an idiot, a liar, and is most likely a criminal or salesperson.
Life is hard, it takes work. You have to push. You have to want it.
There is no easy fix. You can’t just buy a gym membership and expect your life to be magical and full of lean, ripped abs joy. You can’t copy down a couple of healthy recipes, try them once, and think you’re going to drop 20lbs. It is just not like that.
The fitness business plays into this every day. No sweat workouts. Easy abs. Revolutionary, no exercise, will work for sure or your money back, six pack building programs. Gyms sign you up and let you walk on a treadmill or plod on an elliptical for hours while you watch TV or they point you to some half hour machine circuit that will change your life, and you won’t even break a sweat. Awesome.
And all of you reading this: don’t think you’re off the hook. People are just as easy on themselves. Rarely are people willing to actually commit to something.
You want to run? Do a marathon. What’s all this half crap? Marketers and fundraisers love you but you can do better. Half a triathlon? For real? Go do half your job training and tell me how that goes for you.
Here is a  favourite fitness fantasy? Walking.
I am going to start walking for fitness. What? What’s wrong with you? Walking isn’t fitness. Walking is how you get places, like the bathroom, or your car, or around your office, or through the mall. It isn’t fitness.
Running sprints up a hill is fitness. Jump squats are fitness. But be careful, you wouldn’t actually want to do any work and get that heart rate up to where it might make some real impact on your health. Heaven forbid.
But walking is better than doing nothing at all. Right? Sure it is. Making $8 an hour is better than no job at all. So why does no one aspire to that? Why do we keep trying harder and harder to have a job that makes more money? Who congratulates you on your aspirations to make minimum wage for life? No one does. So why do we congratulate people on their ‘goal’ to start walking?
You get to live once. Never again. You only getaboutr 80 years on this planet (if you hit the average in Canada) if you are fortunate. Why are you wasting it?
You can achieve anything that you want. You can accomplish anything that you want. There is only one thing holding you back – you. Once you set your mind to it then you will achieve it.
As a health and fitness professional it is my job to show you the path. To make you see what you can actually accomplish. And then we get you there.
After that – whatever you want.

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