12 Signs You Should Fire Your Personal Trainer

You have been working out for a month – and your still using 10lbs weights

  • Make sure you are seeing constant and measurable progress. If you aren’t, then what the hell are you paying someone for? You can plateau and not hit your goals all on your own for much less money.

You are doing push-ups on your knees

  • These are called assisted pushups. They are the basic version. You can do full pushups. You should be challenged to. If your trainer is not challenging you than they really aren’t doing their job.

You don’t sweat during workouts

  • How is this even a question? If you are not sweating your bodies temperature is not going up. If you’re exercising your muscles this creates heat. If you are not creating heat and upping your body’s temperature then you are probably not challenging your muscles. Once you heat up enough your body sweats to cool itself. So sweating means you are working out. Good.

They are a specialist in – everything and they are also 21yrs old.

  • Yes, Doogie Howser was amazing! But 14 year old doctors just aren’t the norm. It takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become an expert. This usually takes about 10 years. Yet the industry is full of all sorts of so called experts who have been training for a year or so, and have already picked their specialty. What?
  • There is no one specialty. The kettlebell trainer. The TRX trainer. The machine trainer. The core trainer. The body part trainer. The bootcamp trainer.
  • Good trainers recognize that all of these are simply tools. And the more tools you have in your tool box the better you are at completing a project. You can’t build a house with just a hammer. Well, maybe, but it will stay up until the first wind blows. Or maybe you are asked to build a brick house, then how is your hammer going to help? Better have another tool to use.

They don’t measure and assess multiple aspect of your fitness progress on a weekly basis

  • A business saying goes like this: ‘What gets measured, gets done.’
  • This is the truth. If you are not measuring then how do you know if your program is working? Wait until the end? Too late then if it wasn’t the right program!
  • Your trainer should be constantly assessing you and your progress

The majority of your exercises are on machines

  • Read past blogs on the end of machines
  • Machines are like Dodo’s – dead.

You only train your arms because you told them you want toned arms

  • You have goals which may or may not be realistic.
  • You want toned arms your trainer should oblige. But they should also be ensuring all the other aspects of your fitness (like blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, and strength ratios) get taken care of as well; not just training your arms.

They let you get away with falling off your program

  • It isn’t okay that you cheated on your diet. It isn’t okay that you missed half your workouts. It is not okay that you only put a half ass effort into your workout.
  • A good trainer will not let you get away with this. They shouldn’t. It is their job to make sure you are on track. Not to say, awh, too bad, let’s just try harder next week.

You have never heard them say, “I just read…[they would then insert the journal or book name here]

  • Constant and regular training and improvement is essential. A good trainer should always be learning something new. You should never surprise them with information on the latest fitness trend. They need to know their business inside and out.
  • You wouldn’t go to a doctor who knew less than you do…would you?

They can’t tell you which conferences or seminars they attended in the last 6 months

  • See above point.

They can’t tell you what conferences or seminars they are going to in the next 6 months

  • See above two points.
  • Okay, they messed up and missed educational opportunities. They should be making up for that double time in the future.

They Push Supplements on you all the time and tell you that you need them

  • First and foremost you need a healthy diet and exercise program..
  • Your trainer should not be pushing product on you. Especially if they stand to make a profit off the product like some current pyramid marketing schemes doing.

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