This may get offensive

I think a couple of times a week I hear something that I just do not know how to deal with.
Someone says, “I just want to get toned.” Oh for the love of….
Toned? Tone what? That muffin top? The fat roll poking out of your shirt buttons? Your jingle jangle thighs or Oprah style arm goo?
Ok…now I feel better.
Let’s just face it, you have a bunch of body fat to get rid of. You want to lose it and have a leaner and muscular physique! That’s OK! That’s what we are here for.
You have to fess up to it. Admit it, your fattier than you want to be. You want a lean and non-flubbery body.
You have to get rid of the fat, BUILD the muscle, and voila! Look achieved!
But if you are going to give me the same old want to get toned speech when you are 8 sizes bigger than you were 4 years ago, yeah, probably past the ‘get toned’ point. I can’t really help you yet. Not until you can just admit it.
No, all you ‘toners’ you are looking for the quick fix. You want the hula chair or shake weight (google those if you don’t know them), you want the 2 week cleanse or 4 week amazing diet Victoria Beckham used to get to her current attractive physique (sarcasm rolling out of my mouth right now).
I won’t do that. I will point you to people that will and you can waste your time and money on that. And 6 months from now when you are right back where you started, most likely worse off than where you started, and you are actually ready to commit to your fitness and health, I will still be there.
Then walk in, grab a fat roll, and say, ‘help me get rid of this! Just tell me what to do!”
In all sincerity,

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