A doctors note…


 Here is a bloog post made by Alwyn Cosgrove a couple of years ago. And it is just as relevant now as it was then! Alwyn is always good for a whitty and educated blog!
This is something we have preached over and over again!
A Doctor’s Note

By Alwyn Cosgrove


Why is it that if a client comes in to the gym, and has a heart condition — fitness professionals need a doctor’s clearance before they can exercise ? — before they can do something healthy?
Why doesn’t the local bar need a doctor’s clearance before serving that same person a beer, or a restaurant before they serve them a cheeseburger? That’s something potentially harmful but they don’t need medical permission.
Why does a client with a knee injury need a doctor’s clearance before they can do a squat in the gym – yet an airline doesn’t need permission to let them buy a seat (and do a squat to get intothat seat)?
If fitness professionals need permission to teach someone with a medical condition how to lift a 5lb weight, shouldn’t grocery stores need permission before selling people a 5lb bag of groceries? 5lbs is 5lbs. And we’re trained to teach someone a safe way to lift 5lbs…I don’t believe the kid who packs the bag at the store is … why aren’t doctors concerned about him?
Why do fitness professionals need clearance to helppeople when no other activity seems to need permission to potentially harmpeople?
What an ass-backward world we live in.


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