The World is Full of Stupid (and unscrupulous) People

I have gone on about this before. I think even in this blog I have.
So why am I doing it again? Because nothing has changed.
As the 1996 song Banditos by The Refreshments so eloquently summarizes, “Everybody knows, that the world is full of stupid people.”
And I do not know if I am angry at people for signing up to ridiculous programs, the people who make ridiculous programs, or the government who allows them to be promoted. There are so many.
Pyramid marketing schemes slamming cleanses and products down our throats. Idiotic diet plans that are so stupid and ridiculous that not only do you have to be medically supervised and receive vitamin injections, but you feel so crappy and are so starved that you are told not to exercise! How is a program a good idea when you cannot exercise while on it? Who are these idiots who promote these programs? How are you doing anything good? This is a terrible dis-service to the public and it should be stopped.
Governments regulate everything. Why do they allow the public to be mis-guided, suckered, and hurt medically by unscrupulous snake oil sales people trying to make a buck by playing off the lack of knowledge and ambitious desires of the public? I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from the same government that still advocates adherence to a food guide that should have been buried with the Edsel.
And the public. You. Your peers, your family, your friends. How can I get angry at you? You have been mislead, lied to, and decieved. You never recieved the education you deserved. Instead of learning about fats and carbs and protein, you had to memorize algebraic equations. What do you think would be more beneficial to you today?
Here is the thing. If something promises to lose a lot of weight quickly with no exercise, its a fraud. If someone knows an amazing product that will change your life and at the same time will make you very wealthy (just like all these other people!) it is a pyramid scam, I mean scheme.
If a trainer tells you that machines are the best way to train and muscle isolation training is a good idea – they don’t really know what the hell they are talking about. Sure, they will cite you off a list of reasons and explanations that sound plausible. I just don’t even know what to tell you if you have been sucked into it. Go. Do what they advise. Next year at this time when you STILL are not at your goals and maybe suffering from even more injuries, come and talk to me. I will fix you then. I won’t refund you the thousands of dollars you wasted though, I gave you fair warning.
If you have been trying to achieve a specific goal and the program, professional, or trainer has still not got you there – stop paying them money. If you are not seeing regular and measurable progress, fire them or quit the program. It’s not working.
I appreciate all of you who read my stuff. I know you understand. I wish I could get this message through to everyone else. To get through their thick skulls.
I will continue my quest. And will keep you well informed along the way. Maybe you will all be able to help me put the quacks out of business. Because the world is full of stupid people, but I think there are a lot of smart people mixed in there to.

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