You are not a unique snowflake

There are a couple of things that might be hard to hear in this post but it is imperative that you hear them. You didn’t like learning about Santa Clause but eventually you had to.
Snowflakes are individual and unique. You have heard this right? You have probably heard that this isn’t true but a little bit of research will provide you the answer that no two snowflakes are alike. They are all built of the same basic units but can be arranged in more than a million, trillion different ways. So, I guess there is a chance that there are identical snowflakes out there, just somewhat unlikely.
We all like to believe that we are as unique as snowflakes. This is especially true when it comes down to reasons why we cannot incorporate a fitness program into our lives.
Here comes the part you might not want to hear. You are not unique.
Did that hurt? Wish I could say I am sorry.
Guess what? You are not the only person with a family, a job, social commitments, dealing with illness of yourself or someone else. You are not the only person with cravings, a sweet tooth, a desire to eat out, or the need to have an alcoholic beverage to unwind. You are not the only person who hates exercise, doesn’t like to sweat, is scared to go to a gym, doesn’t feel comfortable in workout clothes, or thinks they prefer to exercise alone. You are not the only one with limited discretionary income, tight budgets, other obligations, or a mortgage.
No, you are not unique. I hear each and everyone of these listed items at least once a week. I am not kidding.
It’s funny though, all of the people we work with, or who do commit to an exercise program all seem to have the same challenges to face as well.
What is that list? It is a list of excuses. Yes, excuses.
Want to know what an excuse is? It is something we say:
-To explain a fault or offence in the hopes of being forgiven
-To grant a pardon, or to forgive
-To make an allowance for
Do you want to know what I call an excuse? It’s something you tell yourself to help you feel better about not doing something important and challenging. It is a means to justify being lazy.
I have clients who own, manage, and operate large  businesses. I train prison guards, cops, nurses, sanitation workers, lawyers, doctors, stay at home moms, University professors, students, parents and kids, athletes, grocery store clerks, dog walkers, real estate agents, secretary’s, business owners, and too many more occupations to list.
What is the difference between them and you? They make the commitment, drop the excuses, and recognize that they are not unique.
And once you do that then you are ready to face the challenges in your life. You should focus on becoming a part of the group who takes care of themselves and makes their health a priority, who have shunned excuses and left them where they belong, with the lazy and unmotivated segment of the population.
3 times a week, for half an hour. That’s it.
And if it seems insurmountable remember, you are not a unique snowflake.

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