New Science on Alcohol Calories

Butter and alcohol radio showButter and alcohol radio showAlcohol is a mainstay of social events, stressful days, and romantic interludes. The trouble is all the extra (and empty!) calories that come along with those drinks. A little known trick can change all of that!
Special properties in natural butter (preferably organic to minimize preservative interactions with the molecules) have strong interactions with alcohol molecules. Ionic bonding mediums between the butter and the alcohol prevents the molecules from being absorbed through the intestinal track during peristalsis.
What does this mean for you? That combining butter molecules and alcohol molecules will prevent calorie absorption. Essentially, this means you can now have a few cocktails and butter guilt free.
There is a caveat, however. In order for the ionic organic molecular bonding to solidify, the butter must be in a transitional liquid form. You call this as melted butter. Simply, melt butter and then continually sip the liquid prior to downing any alcoholic beverages. Voila! No worries about the indulgence.
Why do you think the Mediterranean diet keeps you so lean? With the amount of butter in the rich dishes and the wine intake during meals, they cancel each other out. Now you know how Europeans eat rich food, drink alcohol, and stay thin!
Speaking of rich…how good are you feeling right now? On your way to the store to pick up butter for the weekend?
Either you’re excited or you have realized something.
It’s a joke. It’s not real. That whole opening section…not true. I made it all up. Threw some science terms in combined with a little literary magic and voila – a new myth is born.
Now why would I fool you like this? Here is a story. A client recently walked in and informed me that they were going to begin eating chocolate daily again despite my misgivings. The client continued on to inform me that they heard from a friend that if you drink cold water while eating chocolate (or anything with fat in it), that the cold water would solidify the fat and it would pass right through your gut and not get absorbed, hence, the calories wouldn’t count.
3 problems with that; 1) fat in chocolate is already solid, 2) water emulsifies fat (as in breaks it down), 3) once in your stomach the water will be heated up to body temperature before ever getting into your intestines.
So what is the point of all this? It is to illustrate just how easily the general population is lied to, mislead, and purposefully deceived, especially in the field of health and fitness. Also to get you to realize that you cannot, and should not, believe the stupid health tips from people who have no authority or place providing health information.
Look what I did above. I threw a few science terms together, tossed in the word organic, and provided you an example that explained a health phenomenon that everyone wants the answer to. And you were ready to start drinking butter this weekend.
You have to be careful. You need to take everything with a grain of salt. Check your sources. Your friend at work who is 25lbs overweight and a smoker is not a reputable source of health information. Seek out answers and make sure they come from an actual educated and unbiased source.
And no, drinking butter with alcohol will do nothing for you but clog your arteries and make you puke. Don’t do it.

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