Push-up Challenge Week #3

Push-up Challenge – Week 3
Things are going to be getting a little more challenging this week. Remember, we are on track to get you doing clapping push-ups! You may not think it is possible even now. Trust us it is!
We will only be doing 60 push-ups a day this week, which you should enjoy as that is a 40% decrease from the last two weeks.
Here is the kicker – we begin your plyo push-ups this week. What are those you may ask? We have posted a video on our Youtube channel for you to see. Essentially, it is the beginning of your clapping push-up training. ( http://www.youtube.com/user/TTiFitness )
Plyometrics are simply a way to make your muscles work at maximal intensity for brief periods of time. The easiest way to accomplish this is force yourself to jump or push yourself off the ground. In the biz we call this an explosive concentric contraction.
For your 60 push-ups a day you are going to be doing the plyometric version. What is this? You simply push up so quickly that your hands come off the ground. Big key here: when you land make sure to let your elbows flex 0 do not land with stiff arms and locked out elbow joints! You will hurt yourself!
You will do as many plyometric push-ups you can and then take a 45 second rest before doing that again. Keep repeating this until you get to your 60 push-ups for the day! And like last week, only 5 days of push-ups.
Check out our Youtube clip for more details and a video preview.

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