Push-up Challenge: Set 2

This week let’s get out of the theoretical and motivational and move into some of the practical.
Last year we ran a push-up challenge and were inspired by the number of people who committed to it. We were also amazed at the success many of the participants were able to accomplish.
Here we go again. This will mark the beginning of the Taylored Training Push-up Challenge, Set 2.
We want to show everyone that in less time per day than you think it is possible to achieve some pretty amazing fitness results. Not only that, but you do not need much space and equipment isn’t necessary either. Seems too simple? Simple, yes. Easy? No.
This push-up challenge is going to be a little different than last year. There is going to be a very different goal and the training program is not going to involve the hundreds and hundreds of repetitions the last challenge required.
Here is your goal: clapping pushups. At least one, maybe more.
I hear all your gasp’s of astonishment. Clapping push-ups are too hard, you could never do that. Guess again.
If people can run half and full marathons after training for a few months than you can accomplish this goal we are setting for you. We promise. And do not even think about dropping the age old excuse that women cannot do push-ups or clapping push-ups. They can. A lot of our clients can and do perform them daily. As do all of our staff (females included)
So here is the challenge:
8 weeks, as many clapping push-ups as possible.
You need to do a little test first. Right now, see how many clapping push-ups you can do.
Now write that number down somewhere. Preferably in a small notebook that you can use to track the rest of this program over the next 8 weeks. Even if you cannot do a single repetition yet, you still need to write that down.
This is your base number and if you follow our recommendations exactly we promise that you are going to amaze yourself over the next 8 weeks.
Each week we will issue your training protocol for the week. Make sure to keep up. Don’t skip a workout, and if you do, make it up. It’s only 8 weeks. Stick with this and you will get better results in your fitness in the next 8 weeks than you did in the last year.
Week 1
 -Perform 50 push-ups in the morning and 50 push-ups in the evening.
-Each round of pushups should be divided into multiple sets with 30 seconds rest between sets. You can do as many sets as you need to get to 50 pushups.
-Do not do more than 10 pushups in a row
-If you cannot do a single full push-up (that means off your toes, NOT on your knees) you can do some of the reps on your knees this week only. Your first 20, however, must be on your toes, even if they are not full range push-ups. When you do switch to push-ups on your knees you must focus on getting lower than you were on when on your toes. Full range is imperative.
-Click the following link for pics and tips on proper form http://www.tayloredtraining.ca/5_week_program.php
-Keep a log. Next week we will post round two of the challenge.

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