Top 5 Fitness Christmas Gifts 2009

# 5:  Jump Rope -Check out Jump Rope Training by Buddy Lee if you want some extrea details.
#4: A gift certificate for a group exercise program: pilates, yoga, bootcamp etc.. Shop around for the studio that is right for you, there are quite a few in Kingston.
#3: TRX Staps. Looks like simple straps, but really this training system is  the best full body conditioning exercise tool we know! Check it out at
#2: Books:
For her: The Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove (available at amazon)
For him: The New Rules of Lifting by Allwyn Cosgrove
#1: A good personal trainer. You must shop around. Talk to their clients, get their philosophies and make sure they ensure a full physical screening before they agree to train you!
You have to talk to the trainers and/or the facility. You should feel comfortable with the conditions of the agreement and the quality of service they are providing. They should be focused on you and your health, not on how many sessions they can get you to buy!
Contact me if you have any other questions!

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