Myths Women are Taught About Health and Fitness

Here are a few myths that women are told and the reasons why they are myths:
-Running is a good way to lose fat

  • No, its not. You may lose some weight but only while you are doing a lot of running. You want to lose fat, too much running (or any other long duration cardio activity) will actually SLOW your metabolism and make it much easier for your body to GAIN fat in the long run

-Lifting heavy weights will make you big and bulky

  • No, they will not. You do not have enough testosterone in your body to get too big and bulky. I am a late-20’s male trying to get big with significantly more testosterone in my system than women and I have to work daily with very big weights to accomplish this. If you can do it than you are a genetic anomaly.

-Cardio is a good way to prevent osteoporosis

  • No, the only research proven exercise form to increase bone mineral density is resistance training. Loaded, weight bearing activity.

-Walking is good exercise

  • No, walking is what we do. It is how we get places and participate in life. Exercise is taking the body beyond what we need to accomplish as a part of our day.

-Low calorie diets are good for you

  • The right number of calories are good for you. Going below 1200 a day is unhealthy for everyone. Most women should be between 1500 and 2000 calories a day. If you take your calories too low you will slow your metabolism and prime yourself for future fat gain. Sure you will lose weight, for now. But I promise it will not last long term.

-Low fat diets are going to help lose weight

  • Be careful. Low fat does not mean healthy. Often fat is replaced with sugar and other fillers to maintain taste and flavour. And high sugar diets are terrible for you, I believe they are worse for you than high fat diets! Just because it is low fat doesn’t mean it is healthy (think Oreos). And remember that your body needs healthy fats! Some are called essential fatty acids, if you do not eat them you are seriously damaging your body.

Now, you can believe me or not. Frankly, I do not really care. I work everyday on helping those ready to be helped and delivering the most current information to clients and blog followers who want to learn that material. I do not focus on trying to ‘convince’ you that what I preach is true.
All I can tell you is that I live and breathe this stuff. I do that so I can deliver to everyone, accurate, and useful information that is based on the latest information in the health and fitness profession!

  1. amey12 says:

    I would just like to know what is the best way for women to lose weight if it is not cardio, is it weights?

    • Taylor says:

      Yes! Weight training…more importantly resistance training! Check my posts on HIT training for the answer to the question.
      And sorry for the long reply!!!!!! Didnt realize anyone had made a post on here!

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