My Thoughts on Gastric Bypass

Here is a recent article I wrote as a part of my current Masters work.
Gastric bypass.
I do not think there is an exercise practitioner out there that would disagree that most of what obese people are dealing with is psychological. How is a surgery that can rob yor body of vital calories and essential nutrients going to help deal with those issues?
Just because the person is eating less in no way ensures they are eating better. How does this make a positive change to their body and life?
My biggest problem with it stems partly from my being a Canadian. According to an article from our national CTV news the cost of a gastric bypass surgery in Canada is $8,000. As there is not enough room to perform more tha 200 surgeries here in Ontario, the extra 400 patients are sent to the US to have the procedure done at a cost of $17,000.
(Report urges more funding for gastric bypass. .Website current as of September 26th, 2009.)
For those of you unaware, Canada has a universal health care system and footing the bill for these surgeries is that system. Hence, me, the taxpayer, is paying for the procedures. That is 6.8 million dollars just for the patients being sent to the US for the surgery. Then add another 1.6 million for the surgeries in Ontario and we end up with an annual bill of 8.4 million dollars.
I will not even bother to delve into my personal issues with the procedure as I do not want to demonstrate too much my need to rant as David does 🙂
But lets look at it this way.
I own and run a personal training studio with 5 staff in addition to myself and my wife. At $65 a personal training session we could provide 261 personal training sessions per year, working out to 2 sessions for every 3 days, so 5 or six sessions a week.
Included with this is a diet, motivation, support, knowledge, education to maintain these changes for life, and a community of people to join to add lifelong support.
I have achieved greater success with less training time for many people over the years.
Why not invest that same money into the services of top level trainers and fitness professionals?
Want to know the worst part about the article I used as a reference? It is based on a report by medical professionals urging more spending on gastric bypass surgeries.

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