My message to our Biggest Loser Participants after Tuesday's episode of the real show

Here are things you should all focus on from the show tonight:
1. Just like I warned everyone before…the biggest challenge you are going to have is the lack of support from family and friends. You may not have noticed it, but it is coming, I promise! Especially as the holiday season roles into town.
You saw it on the show tonight. They are all out eating and everyone around them is eating shit. Piles of greasy shit. Not even their loved ones trying to make positive changes is enough to change their mindset. How horrible.
Not only that but watch the look on their friends faces. They are angry at them for making helathy choices. And all the participants made a cardinal error…they were giving others advice.
I will give you advice: DO NOT give advice to anyone unless they ask for it! Trust us, we do this for a living! Until people ask for help you cannot help them and trying to force it on them is going to simply push them away and make them eat more shit on purpose! Watch, it will happen.
You need to sit there, make your choices and dont even bother to talk about it with anyone. If someone asks, just nswer their question, dont add extra advice. It is what we do with potential clients. You have to wait for them to want it. No matter how much you love your family and friends, you have to wait for them to want it.
2. Stop letting your kids eat piles of shit. It will kill them. If you are going to feed your kids greasy pizza, pop, and fries after appetizers and before dessert, you might as well hand them a rum and coke and a cigaretee. Seriously, thats what your doing to your kids. YOU are.
Now you cant force them. You need to set an example. One of the women onthe show pointed out that her kids were eating all of her old favorites. She taught them to love that food. Now you have to teach them to love other stuff. If you constantly moan and groan and talk about how hard it is, what do you think you are teaching your kids?
You are teaching them to hate exercise and healthy food! You parents know, they pick up everything. You cannot be the person who teaches them to hate being healthy and to hate healthy food.
You teach them by setting the example. Dont force it on them. Teach them, show them. Live the life you want them to have.
3. I hate this one. Cant workout becuase my family needs me. WHAT? Yeha, your family needs you to be fit, healthy and ALIVE. THey want you to have extra years on your life. You might miss a trip to the zoo here and there, you might miss the odd game of catch in the back yard, is this worth not seeing your grandkids? You think shaving years off your life is worht it?
Oh your too busy, everyone needs you too much. Here is something, if Barrack Obama can workout 5 times a week so can you. Complain all you want, none of you are busier than President Obama. If you think you are we need to do some counselling.
And why is it that all the men make the time and the women give the same old sob story about how they just cant leave their family. Yes you can, find a way. You HAVE to. If you dont you wil DIE. And your last few years on this earth will not be all that enjoyable anyway.
If your health and fitness is not your priority you are signing your death warrant. And you are setting your family and friends up for a lifetime of suffering and misery. Please, do not teach your kids to hate exercise and healthy food!
You need to teach them (kids, family, and significant others) that it IS possible to eat helathy and enjoy life and to be fit and healthy. To take care of yourself and that is can all be done in an enjoyable way.
And if you dont feel that you need to learn to. Because it doesnt matter what you TELL your kids, they will do what YOU do, they will be the way YOU are. You cannot tell them, you can only show them.
4. This isnt easy. This is challenging. Commercial breaks on the show? 50% shit. Twizzlers, restaurants, Ice Cream, all of it is advertised. Our whole culture is centered about convenience and rich food.
This is not going to get easier. It is going to get tougher. Especially once the program is done. You are going to need a new goal, a new focus. If you dont develop that then you are going to fall back where you are.
Remember that this is not a result or a destination that we are working on. This is the beginning of a journey that is going to last the rest of your life.
Step one done.

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