Welcome Fly FM Listener's!

Some of you reading this have probably come here after listening to my inaugural Fly FM fitness spot! You can join all of 98.9 The Drive listener’s who have been stuck with my tips and advice for almost a year now!
Every Monday morning at 8:45am I am going to be providing you all with health and fitness information before you kick off your work week. Hopefully, this will set you up for making some changes during the course of the week!
My hope is that this will become an interactive slot. I want to answer the question you have and provide you with the information pressing on your mind!
As long as it is related to health and fitness I will answer your questions (sorry, marriage counselling, raising kids, and career advice are outside my scope! :)).
So anything you want to know or tips you need send them my way here on the blog, through my email, or through Fly FM’s website and blog!!
Look forward to becoming a part of your health and fitness!

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