Squat Challenge Week 2

Week 2
We are taking you to jump squats now. Whats that you ask?
Simple: do your bodyweight squat just when you stnad up jump off the ground. Its that simple!
-Make sure to look UP the whole time, NOT at the ground!
-The higher you jump the more challenging the jump squat. At a minimum your entire foot should come off the ground.
-Land softly! You should barely hear your foot hitting the ground
Thats it! Here is the rep scheme for the week (all jump squats):
Tuesday – 25
Wednesday – 50
Thursday – 75
Friday – 100
Saturday – 125
Sundy – 150
Hope you all enjoy it!!!
We would enjoy if all you dedicated peeps would through some pics up on the site!!!! Of youu doing squats…preferably clothed….

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