Beware of the Scam!!!!!

Here is one I have had to deal with before. Isagenix.
A pyramid marketing scheme designed to make you rich quick…oh yeah, and improve the quality of your life through their AMAZING products!
What a load of shit. What it is great for is providing me an easy example of what to watch out for in the fitness industry and an easy example ofthe bottom feeding dredges who proliferate our business.
Read below for an email I sent to one of their reps recently after they attempted to solicit me into their scheme.
Check out there website as well, be carefult though, you may sign up and become a rep, I mean, the income and money is all worth it.
OMG I am in a rage…as soon as someone starts talking about how much money you can make, man, raging, raging anger right now…
Here is my email to their reps (do you think I held back too much?):
I have had to deal with this issue before. My response was the same then and will always be the same.
One of the things I hate about the health and fitness industry is the constant drive, need, and desire for people to make a quick dollar off peoples health. Of particular distaste to me is making profit from playing into the false beliefs and misconceptions that the majority of the population have about their health, goals, and fitness.
Everyone wants the quick and easy fix. They want to take a pill or supplement and achieve magical success and results. They want a six pack, look good in a bikini, or improve their health.  No one wants to hear that it takes hard work, dedication, determination, sacrifice and healthy eating practices to truly achieve lifelong health and fitness. But that is the real truth.
Isagenix is a ridiculous multi-level marketing scheme that promises to make you rich quick and earn a fantastic income. How? By giving false hope and misconstrued information to a naive and desperate public. You promise unrealistic results by taking a supplement.
The truth? People need a solid exercise program and a healthy nutrition program. The issue is not toxicity, it is lifestyle. It is eating crap food and drinking too much alcohol. It is being lazy and not doing an appropriate exercise program.
Sure this Isagenix program makes some good points and attempts to steer people in the right direction. But it DOES NOT in any way shape or form even begin to address the issues people need to deal with. People need a healthy diet and exercise. The video clip talks about no magic pills, or fad diets. This is exactly what Isagenix is and what is does. You play on peoples false believes and take advantage of it to make a profit.
Instead this company claims all your problems will be solved by using this program and paying a preimium fee.
Shakes and cleanses and bars. None of this has anything to do with the results. It is from the healthy food and proper exercise.
Our company has a mandate to improve the health and fitness of our population through real, realistic, and honest methods. This is why we are dedicated to providing as much free information as possible for anyone to access. Our services are there for those who want to use them if they choose.
I will never condone this company. I will never condone multi-level marketing schemes that promise to make huge revenue. All you have to do is get people working under you and selling these AMAZING products. What a snake-oil marketing technique, I thought these went extinct in the 1800’s.
I will do everything within my power for the rest of my career to bring down companies such as Isagenix and educate people to stay away from them. The products are no different than any products on the shelves in many local stores. The only difference is that for these products you pay a premium to ensure the pyramid of disreputable sales people involved make their quick bucks.
I make my life. Isagenix does not and it cannot. All this Isagenix pyramid does is make the top echelon of the company rich. With the recent econimc happenings (ie companies going bankrupt due to unlawful practices and unscrupulous business people) I am amazed that something like this can go on.
This is a scam and a joke. Please do not solicit this false and uneducated material to me, my company, my staff, or anyone who has a relationship with us. Myself and my staff will be watching and doing what we can in Kingston and the rest of the country to prevent people from falling into this trap.
Taylor Simon BA, CSCS

  1. MP5 says:

    Hey Taylor,
    I totally agree with you. It’s an obvious marketing scam.
    My sister apparently gets harassed near every day at work with people who have admitted they want her to pay full price for a product so they can get their discount for their own.
    But I think you should do an article on how bad the actual product is as well. I know people who use the products purely for the product and not the marketing side. So I had a look at some of the ingredients and some look very questionable.

    • Taylor says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      I would love to write more in depth on it…however always have to watch the defamation worries – and I have been…advised… the company in the past that they are watching what I say…..

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