Pushup Challenge

Hello Everyone!
The pushup challenge is on!
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The Challenge

What’s the best exercise out there that will make you stronger, fitter, and feeling good about yourself that you can do with no equipment, no training, and anywhere?

The Pushup.
Thats right, this seemingly simple and often forgotten exercise is the best upper body strengthening tool at your disposal!
If you do not know how to do it click the following link to our website, where we have video clips and photos.
And no, there is no such thing as a girls pushup. There are pushups and there are assisted pushups. We do not endorse assisted pushups!
Here is the challenge:
FOr the next 6 weeks you will do pushups everyday over the following shedule:
Week 1 – 50 Pushups / day
Week 2 – 75 Pushups / day
Week 3 – 100 Pushups / day
Week 4 – 125 Pushups / day
Week 5 – 150 Pushups / day
Week 6 – 200 Pushups / day
Rewards? Improved health! Fame and glory on our group site and at our fitness studios!
I know, you want more!
Ok – at the end of 6 weeks we will have a pushup-off.
2 people will win a free admitance to our Outdoor Bootcamp program in May and $50 cold hard cash.
To win (1 male and 1 female) you will have to demonstrate how many consecutive pushups you can do with no breaks and perfect form. Highest number wins.
The challenge will take place at our studio at the end of 6 weeks.
In addition to the consecutive pushups you must also show proof of your daily pushups (photos, videos, or however you wnat as long as you are not naked).
Is it a challenge to prove it? Yes. But this is a challenge. So break out the camera phone, webcam, stencil set, whatever you like. We need the proof.
You must post on the group wall daily your pushup number. Feel free to add pics and vid clips as well. Invite whomever you wish to join the group and participate.
What about something for those who don’t win?
Every single person who completes all of their daily pushups for 6 weeks (even if you are sick, puking, and on your deathbed) and can prove it will receive 10% off any of our May group programs.
The challenge is on!
Questions, comments, and thoughts are always welcome!


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