Holiday Eating Strategies

I don’t expect everyone will be eating the perfect healthy diet over the holiday season. In fact I don’t expect you will b eating the perfect diet for the rest of your life. That’s ok! Here are a few strategies this holiday season to not become one of those people who think it is acceptable to gain 10lbs over the holiday.

Ø  Steer away from multiple servings

o   If you want more than one serving, wait at least 15 minutes between them, chances are the craving will go away

Ø  Stick to the higher protein options for the bulk of your food

o   Meat, cheese, eggs, dairy; these will all help you fill up quickly and stay satiated

Ø  Watch the sugar

o   This is the real culprit in our daily diet. Refined sugar leads the way in causin a host of medical and health problems

Ø  Avoid sugar/carb combination foods

o   Sorry to do this, but most baking and pastries fall into this category

o   If you are going to indulge, make it smart. Choose one or two servings and stick to that, no need to have a sampler tray of everything

Ø  Just because its fruit or vegetables does not mean its healthy

o   Well there are more health benefits here, there is often added sugar, white flour, and other food additive.

Ø  Watch the booze

o   Stick to red wine and lite beer, or spirits mixed with diet pop or water

o   Limit servings to 2 or 3, you will feel better and your body will thank you

Ø  Bring healthy options to the party and try and stick to those

o   Cheese and cracker

o   Hummus and veggies

o   Whole wheat pita cut into slices, baked with a olive oil, served with roasted red pepper dip

o   Hard boiled eggs

o   Fruit with yoghurt dip

Ø  Choose one or two nights where you will indulge, stick to ONLY health options the rest of the season

Ø  Do some research online for healthier alternatives to holiday favorite (ever heard of cauliflower mashed potatoes?)

Ø  Most importantly recognize that indulging sometimes is ok, so don’t feel guilty about a few little treats, just keep it to a few and try to make the majority of what you eat the healthier options


Enjoy the holidays. Have fun. Live a little. But do not make it acceptable to be unhealthy for a month with the thought that you will lose the weight later. First, its not just the weight, you are wreaking havoc on your hormones, heart, blood vessels, liver, kidneys. Second, most people do not lose the weight later.

Don’t be one of the people who I have to deal with in January and help them get back to being healthy. Be one of the people I congratulate and help get even healthier and fitter in January. Know that it is ok to practice some self control and it is ok to spend your time visiting and being with family and friends instead of stuffing your face with everything in sight.

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