What should you be buying for Fitness Gifts

What should you be buying for Fitness Gifts
Do not buy a treadmill or elliptical trainer. If you think this is a good idea go out and ask all of your friends and family that have these pieces of equipment how often they use them and how much of a life changing purchase they were.
Go and find me one person who has the level of fitness you would like to achieve that sits at home on one of these fancy and expensive pieces of equipment. Or find me someone who just can not wait to get on their treadmill for an hour 4 times a week while plugged into their ipod or television.
That’s right. It is pretty hard to do. Why? Because it is ineffective and BORING.
What should you do then? Let’s talk about it from a monetary perspective.
A mid-range treadmill will cost you around $1500, a decent elliptical trainer will cost you around $2500. They come with very minimal instructions and very basic programs. Neither of them help boost your strength or metabolism. They are not customized for your particular body type or metabolism type. They do not give you dietary advice or help build a realistic nutrition program that fits your lifestyle.
Here is what I recommend for the same budget: • $900-$1200 = 2 months with a personal trainer • $200 = Basic at home equipment • $150 = 2 month class package or facility membership
Total cost of $1250 – $1550
What is the difference? Well the 2nd option includes a few things:

  • A customized program
  • The ability to find things you enjoy
  • A program that is built to reach your specific goals
  • Customized plans
  • Actually being TAUGHT enough to understand how your body works and what steps you need to take for the rest of your life to stay healthy and fit
  • Diet overview and recommendations that are totally customized to your tastes
  • Programming and equipment you can have at home so you do not need any services in the future
  • The opportunity to try some new things that may surprise you by how much you enjoy it
  • Workouts that are enjoyable and much more effective

There are many places in Kingston that offer services to match all of those goals. Check them all out, sit down with the staff and interview them (ALWAYS interview people you are about to invest time and money in!) and then make a decision.
Do not succumb to the fitness failures that most people will succumb to in January.
Don’t waste your money on expensive exercise equipment that you really have no idea how to use anyway. Invest your money in education and valuable expertise, I guarantee it will be the most invaluable investment you have ever made.

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