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So for everyone (hopefully there is an everyone waiting for more blog posts…) waiting for some more blog posts I have good news.
There is going to be something new every week! I am not sure if I am going to repost them all in here…I may so that it will give people an opportunity to respond to any of my comments.
I have started a radio spot on 98.9 The Drive in Kingston. I am calling it Taylored Tips. If you check the menu on our webpage you will see a link. In that section of the site I will be posting the audio clip from the radio spot that week as well as a more detailed  written comment on the topics. Essentially I will be talking about all the things I would like to blog about, so it is like a blog anyway, except that you get to actually hear my charming voice.
There are already 3 spots up there, including a 5 week workout program with pictures and video clips that you can do at home! So check out that section of the site.
I will paste the most recent posts below!
As always, feel free to drop some comments! I love to hear them.
The New Year Begins Now

I hear it every year, over and over again. It is the same old story. This time of year is simply too busy to start an exercise program or even to maintain an exercise program.
But that is OK because the new year is right around the corner. And there is so much good food and drink around for the next few week’s that starting a fitness program now would take away your ability to enjoy all of the holiday events.
Get over it. Stop making excuses. Stop living life with the expectation that you can always start tomorrow, or next week, or next month.
Don’t succumb to the New Years Resolution fitness downfall. Guess what? Those of us in the fitness world know that there is going to be a mad rush in January to take care of your bodies. Gyms make year long contracts because they know you will be all enthused and energized in January but that you will probably drop your fitness program by February. The contract ensures you keep donating money to help run the facility after you stop using it.
Here is my advice. Do not wait until January to start your fitness program. Start right now. But you need to go into it with some expectations first.

  1. You are not going to start the perfect fitness program and nutrition program right now
  2. You ARE going to start a basic program
  3. The goal is not to lose weight or to deny yourself anything, your goal is to start some kind of physical exercise
  4. You will spend the next 4 weeks coming to the realization that you can incorporate physical activity into your life.

I have built the program and provided a workout template and instructions for the programs. You simply have to do it now.
Use the next few weeks to begin to get into the habit of doing activity and start to get your body stronger. The next 4 weeks are the perfect time to get your tendons, ligaments, and muscles ready so that when you kick it up a notch in January (like everyone will do) you will be well set up for it.
It will already be a habit. You will be less likely to injure yourself. You will already be over the dreaded 3 week hump when most people drop out. Instead of making January the time to begin your fitness program, make it the time to improve the existing program that you are already doing.
This is going to leave you way ahead of the game over everyone else kicking off their fitness regime in January. You will already be there!

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