Things We Think Are Healthy

There are definitely some things in our culture that we think are synonymous with ‘healthy’ when in fact they may not be.
It comes down to some flashy marketing and companies have used these trends to ingrain in us a false idea of healthy food.
Let me pretense this (I have to do that a lot) by saying that I am not going to go into great depth withthe details. If there is something you do not agree with, before you get angry and frustrated and write me nasty emails, do some research. Learn about the topics and the science behind it. If you still do not agree with me, then write me nasty messages. I can take it.
Things we think are healthy but are not necessarily so:
1. Vegetarian
Just becasue something is labelled vegetarian does not mean it is good for us! I can not tell you how many times I have been out to dinner and everyone feels a sense of self righteousness by ordering the vegetarian dish.  Guess what, this does not mean you are making the healthiest choice on the menu.
This does not mean that vegetarian foods can not be healthy, but vegetarian simply means it is not animal based. It does not mean the option is not filled with transfats, or sugar, or white flours, or a host of other things that are not good for you.
2. Organic
This is essentially the same as the above comments on vegetarian. Sure there are no additives or chemicals, but is there excessive amounts of sugars, or unhealthy fats? You can have a deep fried chicken sandwich covered in mayo and a side of fries and onion rings that is all organic. Doesn’t sound too healthy does it?
3. Low Fat (or fat free) 
I could write an entire book on this one! Low fat diets are not healthy diets. Your diet should consist of a minimum of 20% healthy fat sources, some argue that around 30% is an even better ratio. The key is that the fats in your diet should be healthy fats, poly and mono-unsaturated fats rich in omega 3-6-9’s.
Low fat products often remove fat and replace it with sugars and other fillers that are the real culprit of the obesity and diabetes issues facing our society today. We need fat in our diet!
Learn about what you need in your diet and how to eat. The best source on the market right now is The South Beach Diet. It breaks down the science of your nutrition and effective strategies very well. It is a good overview of the nutritional programming I use with the majority of my clients.
Always ask yourself who is giving you nutritional advice. Should they be giving you advice? What are their qualifications to provide that advice? Where did they hear it?
Or maybe they read it on a cereal box…

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