The Cost of Personal Training

First lets compare you and a car. I know, you are vastly more complex than a car and require more maintenance, and have to last much longer with no warranty or ability to replace parts or get service. But other than that things are quite similar. For our bodies we have to fuel, wash, keep active and lubricated, and keep it looking nice, just like a car.
Here is something to think about. Your car breaks so you go to the mechanic. It makes funny sounds so you research on the Internet what the problem might be and then take it to the mechanic when you realize it is beyond the scope of your knowledge base.
What about our bodies and health though? Even though we are infinitely more complex, require more service and maintenance, we for some reason think we can plow through life without learning how to care for our bodies properly. Just like your car, if you do not keep up the maintenance and care it will start to fall apart and eventually stop working altogether.
Why do we not seek professional help for our body? We will hear any random promise or gimmick about our health and are ready to jump on the band wagon and believe whatever we hear.
Or we speak to the wrong professional thinking that there is one stop shopping for our bodies. You wouldn’t take your BMW to the Ford dealer for service. There are a variety of professionals where your body is concerned.
If you are injured physiotherapy can help, tight muscles, see a masseuse, chronic back pain, chiropractors have vast expertise, and doctors are great at diagnosing and treating illness, injury, and disease.
If you want to improve your physical fitness, lifestyle, and learn to manage your weight, good personal trainers are the professional to seek. The same applies if you want to train for any specific sport or other athletic endeavour, you need to seek the advice of an strength and conditioning coach.
I think that there are many reasons that people do not utilize trainers but the most common one I hear is that its too expensive. So lets take a look at what training really costs.
Sessions in general range from $40 to $100 per session (usually 60 minutes). Really, this is on par with chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, and many other health service providers. Often, you will receive discounts based on purchasing more sessions.
Most people train 2 or 3 times a week. So lets average the price of the sessions to $60 a session to do some math.  Training 2x weekly is a good place to start (if you are doing your homework!), which is going to cost you $120 a week. This may sound like a lot but look at it this way; go out for dinner two nights ($70 with a couple of drinks), morning coffee ($14), and a few miscellaneous items ($25). There we are, $109 gone for the week.
Essentially, this is the same cost as training for the week. Whats the difference though? One of the groups above you truly waste. You either store it all as fat or it passes right through you, nothing like peeing away your money!
The other is the cost of your personal trainer. What do you get from that? Motivation, inspiration, a workout program, years added to your life, improved quality of life, better physical appearance, decreased risk of diseases including cancer and diabetes, just to name a few.
I know what you are thinking, this means you have to give up all your favorite things and sacrifice your social life. Well, suck it up and deal with it. This is not forever. This is for a few weeks to help change your life for the better. Even if you are already in great physical shape a good trainer can change the way you feel and think about fitness.
You don’t have to give up social stuff forever, I am merely trying to make you see that for what a trainer can do for you the money is not really all that expensive.
Instead of your $700 a year membership at the gym you rarely use, invest the cash in a trainer that can actually change your life. Or you can waste the money slaving away on a treadmill or wandering around equipment you have no idea how to use.
And there are other savings that many people do not even think about. Many people can decrease or eliminate medications and other drugs once they get their health in check, which can save thousands of dollars. Home exercise equipment that becomes useless after a month or so can cost over $3000 for a single piece. A good trainer can show you how to get a better workout with no equipment.
And how do you even put a value on how much better you will feel? How do you measure improved quality of life and adding yeas to your life? Does thousands or hundreds of thousands even cover that? Playing with grand kids, living a year or two longer, being able to stay active and healthy and mobile as you age, accomplishing some long thought dream or goal by trying a trip or new activity. How do you place a value on that?
What is going to help you accomplish those things? A fad book?  A new DVD set? A generic gym membership? Or a personalized lifestyle change designed by a health and fitness professional?
Remember that not all trainers are worth the money, I would say 80% are not. Read my blog on the dangers of personal trainers and what to watch for when looking for a trainer. A good one is worth more than they charge, a bad one, you might as well have those dinner and drinks.
And please do not take this post as a sales pitch. Train with me or my staff, go to another training location in town or whatever town or city you are from. The key is that the person you work with is right for you and can help you. Not every trainer and facility is right for you just as you might not be right for the trainer. Interview them, talk to their clients, do a trial session with them. You don’t have to buy a years worth of training. I have found over the years that 10 sessions is a great way to get started, and for may, 10 sessions is all they ever need.
You don’t need a trainer forever, some people choose that. You don’t NEED that. Let them help educate and teach you how to take care of yourself, that is really their job. Nothing more and nothing less.
Now get off the Internet and go change your life!

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