HIT Training Sample (Part 2 of 2)

Sorry for the delay!
This one will be brief but I promised a sample HIT program. Remember that the goal with this style of workout is to workout for a shorter period of time with a higher intensity level. This will help rev up your metabolism and improve your cardiovascular function way more effectively than traditional cardio training.
You can use any of the regular activities you enjoy. Running, cycling, rowing are all good examples. My favorites include jumping rope, running stairs, and plyometric jumps (jump onto a 6-14 inch box or step).
How do you make this a HIT program? There is no one set pattern, you can put it together an infinite number of ways. For this example we will use time blocks.

Do a light warmup for 5-10 minutes to get the blood flowing and the muscles and tendons ready for the increased workload. Pick your exercise of choice and perform theow:
15sec as intense as you can possibly go then a 45 second rest. Repeat this 10 times and then do your cool down. Yes, it is just that simple. Easy you think? Try it! If it is too easy, here is how you begin to make it harder.
Change the time blocks to 30 seconds at max intensity and then 30 seconds rest for 10 cycles. After that try 45 seconds intensity and 15 seconds rest 10 times through. I think you see the pattern.
To make it more challenging ad more intervals or make the intervals longer. Even better than that is to add an additional exercise. For example, if you are jumping rope using the 30 second time frame do 30 seconds of jump rope, add 30 seconds of pushups, and then the 30 second break. Repeat that 10 times. You will feel the difference.
You can see that there are any number of variables you can utilize. The key is high intensity, which means you need to be working as hard as you can safely make your body work. You should not be able to talk when you are done the set and you should be sweating by the end of the second interval. If thats not happening you ARE NOT WOKRING HARD ENOUGH. If you dont think that you sweat, you are not working hard enough. Dont believe me? Come and visit our studio for a bootcamp class and I will give you a live demo.
This is not an easy workout, it is supposed to be challenging. That is the whole point of exercise, to challenge your body to its max intensity. That is how you get fitter, stronger, and in better health!
Try this out during your next workout and you will feel the difference.
Post any questions you may have.

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