How sad, we can't even say 'fitness' anymore

            I am the first to admit fault when it comes to using the word ‘fitness’. When I am making new marketing materials or writing for various other outlets I often hesitate before deciding to use that word.

            Why? It has come to carry and almost harsh feel to it, reminiscent of words such as, ‘tough’, ‘difficult’, and ‘strenuous’. There are other connotations stemming from the word fitness, unfortunately they tend to include: ‘unpleasant’, ‘tedious’, ‘boring’, and ‘unobtainable’.

            Often I fear using the term fitness will scare people away form what we are writing or lecturing. If you call something a ‘fitness program’ most people tend to instantly tune out and ignore the rest of the message or the program pitch.

            Instead we devote out time to finding synonyms that seems less daunting and are less likely to turn people off. Inserted into the mainstream are terms like, ‘conditioning’, ‘shape’, ‘health’, and ‘lifestyle’. These terms are less threatening and appeal to the trend of producing less strenuous programming in order to appease the laziness of the masses.

            Because that’s really what we are talking about. Laziness. People hear the term fitness and groan. They assume that whatever follows will be unpleasant and the will have to make sacrifice and maybe push their bodies harder than they are used to. We do not want to exert ourselves. We want to finish work and relax. We want to have dinner parties and not think about what we are eating. We want to snack at night without consequence. We want to be entertained.

            It is assumed a ‘fitness’ program is going to be difficult. It is going to require too much sacrificing the ‘good things in life’. And we are not all ready to do that. It is also assumed that a ‘fitness’ program is going to be boring. Everyone has done some kind of fitness program before and usually the reason they are no longer participating in it is because it was so mind-knumb-ing-ly boring that they would rather drop a rock on their foot, a heavy rock.

            Well I am done. I am done pacifying laziness and catering to the childish excuses that our population has come to find acceptable. I am going to use the word fitness. I am going to use it proudly. Yes, it is going to require some hard work and dedication. It mya even require a little bit of self sacrifice. But our glutinous lifestyle needs some fitness injected into it.

            We all need to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves and our bodies. Welcome to the start of your new fitness program.

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