Making Comments and sharing your thoughts

So far I no one has made any comments on my postings, which tells me a few things:
1. Everyone agrees with me, which is fantastic!
2. No one wants to register and take the time
3. People disagree with me so much that they are too mad to typs a comment
4. No one really wants to
Regardless, if you would like to make a comment, either to agree, disagree, add some other information, provide another perspective, or anything else, I would love to see some posts and comments!
 At the bottom of each entry there is a make a comment link, click and register. Or you can register by clicking the link on the right hand side of the page. You can make an anonoymous name if you like, I can not see the details of the subscribers.
 Look forward to getting some feedback, opinions, and ideas!

  1. LauraK says:

    This may have already been adressed (I decided to start your blog from the beginning!) but I find the comments hard to read, as they are white text on a white background. I can read them if I hilight the comments, but my mouse doesn’t always cooperate so it can be tricky.

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