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So I have finally come to a realization that many of my clients and all of the participants in my classes came to long, long ago: I like to rant. Preferably to a captive audience.
This made me think that maybe I should write all of my rants down somewhere so that everyone could enjoy them all the time, hence the birth of my book (no its not done yet). Why is it not done yet? Because every-time I start writing a new section or  something I have already written, I get myself lost n tangents as I start thinking.
 This blog is my attempt to alleviate all of that! It is my place to share information with everyone, dispel some fitness myths, answer questions, gather ideas, and hopefully create an area where people can come for information and discussion.
Everyday I hear something or see something that provokes a new rant-able topic and I am hoping that by sharing this with you I can help at least a few people navigate their path to health and fitness.

 Who am I? Many of you already know but in case you don’t I will give you a brief rundown. My name is Taylor Simon. I was born and raised in western Canada and moved around too often to call any particular place home (although I am partial to the Okanagan Valley in BC). I completed my bachelors degree at the University of Calgary before moving to Kingston, Ontario where I embarked on my journey to educate the world about health and fitness.
 I grew up a little bit on the chubby sde and by my second year in university I had ballooned to my full fat weight of 235lbs (I am only 5’6″). Around the beginning of my third year I made a lifestyle change, in fact I remember the exact instant it happened. And so began my journey to health and fitness.
 I have spent the years since then learning as much as possible about human health, nutrition, and fitness. I became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, which gave me the credibility to begin working with high end athletes to the elderly and everything in between.
I have trained athletes, businessmen, mothers, elderly, pre and post natal clients, students, teenagers, and just about every other type of client a trainer might encounter. I definitely have areas I prefer to work within but I have always enjoyed the variety my profession has allowed. If you think my background with clients is too varied to make me effective at what I do, well, keep checking this blog and I will tell you why that is not the case. But back to me (this will be the only post about me, probably).
 Since marrying in April of 2007, my wife Whitney (whom many of you know as well) have opened our own fitness studio to expand oour company from its corporate consulting roots. The studio provides us a platform to put our theories and beliefs into practice and we have loved every minute of it.
 I love working one on one with clients and watching the remarkable progress they are able to achieve. I also love teaching our group classes and furthering our reputation for the toughest (and most enjoyable!) workouts in the area, and one day the world 😉
 Enough about me though!
I am going to use this forum to educate as many people as possible. You may take offence to some of it. I make no apologies. Those who know me know that I am honest, very honest, and I do not pull the wool over anyone’s eyes or tone things down to pacify anyone.
The state of health and fitness in our culture is generally horrible and becoming worse. I am on a mission to change that. One of the primary reasons I think it is moving in a bad direction is the setup of the fitness industry itself. While we are finally beginning to see a change there are two primary problems:
    1. The industry is setup to appeal to the wants and desires of the general population. Unfortunately, the general population wants to live a life of eating, drinking, partying, and not being active. Throw in the demands of an average 50 hour work week and obligations to family and friends and fitness takes position at the bottom of the priority checklist. This leads us to the next problem;
    2. The fitness industry pacifies the population. The industry focuses on the easiest methods to be fit. We put a fit and lean physique on a pedastal to which everyone is supposed to aspire and attempt to achieve and then we peddle the easiest possible route to get there. This allows marketing and sales techniques that play off the populations desires. The quick fix, the easy no sweat workout, the program and equipment that will allow you to achieve your dreams and goals in two quick and easy workouts a week. Makes for great sales and very poor results. Nobody mentions that those fit physiques we are aspiring to do not utilize the products and prgrams being sold or endorsed.
 This has led to the proliferation of poor advice, misunderstood ideas, and unhealthy goals and dreams.
I do not play to these ideals. I will tell you the truth. Hate what I say or not, agree or not, I will not try and pacify you. I am not out to sell you anything. Sure, I will publish my book and you can buy it if you choose. Everything that is in there you can find other places. Where do you think I learned it from? I am not going to tell you anything revolutionary. There is nothing revolutionary in the fitness world anyway, well,  there doesn’t need to be. Someone that tells you they have a revolutionary diet/program/product for you is also going to try and sell you something. That I can promise.
Everything I say and practice comes from somewhere or someone. There are others who use the same techniques and others who have created those techniques. I am going to be your filter. I will help you sift through the crap and the misinformation and attempt to tell you the truth. Some of it may hurt but someone has to tell it like it is!
That’s a little about me, my philosophies and what I am hoping to accomplish with my blog (ranting, whatever).
Please, please, please, make comments, send me emails, ask me questions, and make me think. If you dont agree with something, tell me. Discussion will only help me and help you understand your health and fitness better. And the more we understand the better we will be able to improve all of our lives.
Back to the ranting, now you see what I mean, this opening post was only going to be a paragragh or two…

  1. Chris Hodges says:

    I am the morning show host at CTV Regina – and a huge fan of the blog and podcast.
    We’d love to Skype in with you as a guest on our show at some point in the indeterminate future.
    Admittedly we don’t have a great reach into the Kingston area, but It’d give you a chance to plug the blog and the podcasts to an audience of people you might not otherwise reach
    If it’s something you’d be amenable to – we can swap contact information and push forward
    Thanks for giving it some consideration
    Chris Hodges
    CTV Regina
    306-527-3294 (mobile)

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